Fesco bill Online Checker 2024 – Download Duplicate Copy

If you live in Faisalabad, you’re likely familiar with Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) and the importance of understanding your electricity bills. However, going through your FESCO bill can sometimes be confusing. In this guide, we’ll break down the components of your FESCO bill, explain the charges, and provide tips on how to manage and pay your bill effectively.

Fesco Bill Online Checker – Duplicate Electricity Bill Generator

How can i check my fesco bill online?

Simply enter your bill reference number in the provided field above, and then click the “Generate my Bill” button to initiate the process of generating your bill.


Provide Your Reference Number:

You will likely need to enter your reference number. This number is usually found on your electricity bills top section. It uniquely identifies your connection.

Submit or Generate the Bill:

After entering the required information, submit the details. The system should generate your current or past FESCO electricity bill.

Review and Download/Print:

Once the bill is displayed, review the details to ensure accuracy. You may also have the option to download or print the bill for your records.

Understanding the Fesco Bill Charges:

Fesco Bill Charges

Your FESCO bill has different parts that determine how much you need to pay:

  • Meter Rent: A fixed charge for your electricity meter.
  • Tariff: The rate you’re charged for the electricity you use.
  • Units Consumed: Shows the number of electricity units you used.
  • Current Charges: The total amount you owe for the current billing period.
  • Arrears: Any unpaid amounts from previous bills.
  • Total Amount Due: The overall amount you need to pay.
  • And More , Extra charges , Further charges , Installment chargers next Month Apply¬†

Govt Charges:

It’s important to know the different charges on your FESCO bill:

  • Electricity Duty: A government tax on electricity consumption.
  • General Sales Tax (GST): Tax on the sale of goods and services, including electricity.
  • Fuel Adjustment Charges: Adjusted based on fluctuating fuel prices used for electricity generation.
  • TV License Fee: If you have a television, you might see this fee.

Managing and Paying Your Bill:

To handle your FESCO bill effectively, consider these tips:

  • Understand Your Consumption: Monitor your electricity use to identify patterns and reduce unnecessary consumption.
  • Check for Accuracy: Make sure the meter reading on your bill matches your electricity meter.
  • Pay on Time: Settle your bill before the due date to avoid late payment charges or service disconnection.
  • Payment Options: FESCO offers various payment methods, including online, bank, and mobile payments. Choose the one that’s most convenient.

Customer Support: If you have questions or concerns, contact FESCO’s customer support for help.

Customer Contact Us on 118 UAN # 080066554

Understanding your FESCO bill is crucial for managing your electricity use and making accurate payments. By knowing the bill components, charges, and payment options, you can avoid confusion and unnecessary fees. Keep an eye on your electricity use, pay your bill on time, and reach out to FESCO’s customer support if you need assistance. With this guide, you can confidently navigate your FESCO bill and take control of your electricity consumption.

FAQs: About Fesco Bill

Q1: How to get old Fesco bill?

A: To obtain previous FESCO bills, you can either visit your nearest FESCO office and request a duplicate bill from them. Alternatively, you may check the bill history section on their official website, where you’ll find a record of the amounts for your past bills.

Q2: How do i check my Fesco bill history?

A: To view your FESCO bill history, log in to your FESCO account online. Navigate to the billing or account history section to see a list of your past bills, including payment details and due dates.

Q3: How to check Fesco bill without reference number?

A: If you need to check your FESCO bill without a reference number, visit the FESCO website, locate the bill-checking option, and enter your Consumer ID details instead of a reference number.

Q4: How to check fesco bill paid or not?

A: To check if your electricity bill has been paid, you can contact your electricity company and inquire about your payment status over the phone. Alternatively, visit their customer service center, where they can quickly look up your account and inform you about the payment status.