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10th class biology PDF by Punjab textbook board.

Biology is one of the major courses for matric students. The 10th class biology book is a perpetuation of the 9th class biology book. However, this book is relatively easy, dealing with the major concepts of biology. It has a total of nine chapters. The first six chapters are about the human body and its basic functions. Such as respiration, reproduction, and circulation. The remaining three chapters are about the major branches of biology.

The book is designed as semi-complex literature of biology. It may look like a difficult book, with many diagrams, but who can learn biology without knowing what is called what? Worry not; going through biology is the easiest if you are eager to understand what is going inside your body and how the things around you will impact your body.

What is inside the book?

This book is an amalgam of interesting facts and revelation. It will be a bumpy ride, but each chapter is important, and skipping any of these will be a loss for the learner. One more thing, unlike the other books, which you will come across for the 10th class, each chapter in the biology 10th class book by PTBB is different from others.

Even if a student starts studying from the middle of the book, it will still make sense as each chapter deals with an entirely independent concept. That is why it is straightforward to cram the book; one more thing, the entire book is crammable; you can learn by heart every detail and still score the highest marks. However, if you want to pass the entry tests, it is better to consider the concepts.

A short introduction of each chapter of the 10th class PTBB biology book.

Chapter number 10; gaseous exchange.

Oxygen is a symbol of life, and to explore how this significant gas and carbon dioxide play their role in the life-essential process of breathing, students will have to concentrate on this chapter.

As humans and plants depend on each other for breathing, it is important to understand the breathing process and gaseous exchange at the plant and human levels. The entire chapter revolves around these two topics. However, the major concern of this section is the gaseous exchange in humans.

The last section of this chapter is about respiratory disorders, their symptoms, and causes. It is relatively introductory and easy to learn. Still, the similarities and differences among the diseases can confuse the learner.

Chapter number 11; homeostasis.

The human body can only function at an optimum level. Otherwise, we may die or fall ill. This chapter is about how our complex body systems manage to keep a balanced temperature, body fluids level, and toxin levels.

The chapter starts with the homeostasis in plants and how different plants are classified into various types only because of their balancing water levels and temperatures for survival.

The next main part of the chapter is about the human body and homeostasis; both main balancing organs of the human body, skin, and kidneys are explained. The last section of this unit is about kidney diseases and their treatment.

Chapter number 12; Coordination and control

This is the most interesting chapter, including both the central and peripheral nervous systems. On top of it, students will be introduced to the new concepts of hormones. It is entirely new for students as in the previous classes; the Punjab curriculum board has not introduced it.

Even though it is a difficult chapter with so much new to learn, but students will still find it interesting. From neurons to the brain and from hormone production to the glands, everything is thoroughly described.

Chapter number 13; Support and movement.

How come we claim to have passed higher secondary school with a biology major and not know anything about bones and muscles. This chapter is for the future doctor of physiotherapy.

It deals with the human skeleton and the type of joints. Their movement, the coordination of muscles and bones, and at the end, learners will study the disorders associated with skeleton and muscles.

Chapter number 14; Reproduction.

After the primary, students are introduced to the two main types of reproduction. However, this chapter describes both the primary reproductions in detail. Students will learn about reproduction both in plants and animals.

Chapter number 15; Inheritance.

It is relatively the toughest chapter. Students will learn about the law of inheritance, why we all are different, and the same at the same time. The concept of genes and their effect is discussed in this chapter.

Chapter number 16; Man and his environment.

How is our ecosystem sustained? It is one of the most intriguing questions for every observer and thinker. So, if you are one of them, this chapter will be your favorite. The flow of matter, and energy, in the ecosystem and the ecological levels are the main topics of this chapter.

The last sections of this chapter are about pollution and its impacts on nature. Along with it, the students will also be introduced to the methods for the conservation of nature.

Chapter number 17; Biotechnology.

This chapter deals with one of the hot topics of biology. Unlike classical biology, students will learn the contemporary world of biologists and the scope of biology as a major course.

This chapter deals with three main topics. Fermentation, genetic engineering, and single-cell protein. All these topics are from the modern branches of biology.

Chapter number 18; Pharmacology.

After exploring and learning everything about the human body, it is time to learn how different chemicals can affect the human body. Pharmacology is a branch of chemistry introduced in the 9th grade. This last chapter is all about medicines, their effects, and their use for the human body. It includes the three main topics, medical drugs, addictive drugs, and vaccines.

How to read biology 10th class book effectively in PDF?

Reading though PDF can be difficult for students who are used to read on paper books. Worry not; a few simple tricks can make reading very easy and comfortable.

  • You cannot read this book without paper and a pencil. Ignoring diagrams is synonymous with failure here. So, when you are reading a PDF biology 10th-grade book, ensure that you are practicing the diagrams with the label.
  • Keep your eyes shielded with glasses. Students with weak eyesight must consult the doctor to check their eyesight. Those with no such issues must also wear polaroid glasses.
  • Do not waste your time while using the mobile; it is better to turn off the internet when reading a pdf, especially when it is a test tomorrow.
  • Make every feature count. As PDF, you do not need to write notes; take screenshots and underline the important lines.
  • Share as much as you want and whenever you want. This way, you can coordinate well with the guide and your class fellows.


The 10th-grade biology by PTBB is an amazing book, having all the important topics a biology student must study. However, the current pandemic has forced the students to study through PDFs, which is a bit annoying.

However, if the students are dedicated to finding some feasible ways to make reading effective, it can be a simple and convenient way of studying. Follow the tips mentioned above, and stay focused to secure good grades

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