10th Class Computer Practical Book (Punjab Education)

10th Class Computer Practical Book pdf Will help if You Don’t Have an actual book. In this article, We have almost Provide Brief Details About This book.

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10th Class Computer Practical Book (Punjab Education) Pdf

10th Class Computer Practical Book Pdf

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English Medium

10th class computer practical science book by PTBB.

The 10th class computer is quite easy, especially when you have a practical notebook. The practical computer notebook is a complete package for those who want to learn to create something out of their computer.

It is just not another computer practical notebook. It has been designed and crafted with great care. Three subject specialists are their authors, one editor, reviewer, and layout publishers, and all are experts in their respective fields, particularly IT.

It is not a short book; each unit has several experiments that students need to perform under their subject teacher’s supervision. Like any other science course for 10th-grade students, they need to pass the practical exam to clear that course.

Any student who has passed the theory paper and has failed the practical will be considered failed in that subject; that is why it is essential to give extra attention to the practical notebook.

Many students tend to buy the 10th class computer practical notebook from different publishers, which is absolutely unnecessary. One must always buy the computer 10th class practical notebook by PTBB to secure good grades.

What is inside Matric Computer Practical Book?

The book has a total of two chapters in all. Each chapter is divided into several exercises. The first chapter is all about coding and writing programs for different purposes. These programs are written in the GW-BASIC computer language, which means that it is not very difficult.

Unit number 1.

Unit number one has almost 49 experiments. It is apparently an easy chapter students only have to write programs. The same pattern described in the book is to be followed to write all these codes. You must be wondering what the point is in having so many exercises with the same question. A computer student can easily understand why. This chapter is not only about writing a program but checking it as well.

As each section asks for a different program to it is again a tough task. Writing a program is easy if the goal is to create a simple thing; the initial sections are relatively easier, but as you will reach the end of the chapter, the tasks will become difficult.

Unit number 2

Unlike the regular practical notebooks that come without the basic theory, it is all about Microsoft word. This one has a full-fledged description of each tool and feature of Microsoft word. It has a total of 17 experiments.

All 17 practicals are essential, and each one of them is important for one who wants to claim himself to be a Microsoft word expert. It has the following topics.

  • Creating and opening documents.
  • Saving and renaming documents.
  • Typing, inserting, and deleting texts.
  • Two practical for formatting a document.
  • Cutting and copy-pasting.
  • Adding a drop cap.
  • Adding styles.
  • Creating bullets.
  • Inserting tables.
  • Inserting clipart.
  • Checking spelling, synonym, and grammar.
  • Changing page margins.
  • Inserting header, footer, and page numbers.
  • Previewing and printing.

What else is in the book?

Several other things are in the book. Students will not have to feel lost. To help the students understand each concept properly, the book has the following things.

Viva-voce section.

The viva voce, to pass the computer practical, clearing viva voce is essential. There are two chapters, but there is a viva voce preparation section at the end of each chapter. The viva voce preparation section consists of short questions.

Students need to learn all of them by heart. These question answers are not very hard to learn as they are formulated according to the techniques and topics learned in the unit. Many people think that they can clear the practical by skipping it; they cannot.

Some believe that the viva voce section is similar to the short questions asked in the computer science book; it is true to some extent but not entirely. A few concepts are only related to practical computer science, and luckily you will only find them in the practical computer science notebook by Punjab textbook board.

Amazing graphics.

The book has perfect graphics and layout. Students will easily understand what will happen and how they will perform a particular experiment. There is nothing that can confuse the student, making him lag behind others. Both chapters have an ideal explanation, and to further clarify the concepts, each experiment has relevant images.

Shortcut keys.

A computer is incomplete without the magic of short keys. Anyone who says they want to use the computer like a pro must know the computer’s shortcut keys. These are not very difficult to learn as a few are only for the basic functions of copying, pasting, and closing the files.

Sample practical questions.

Finding practical papers is not easy; most past paper publishing companies do not publish computer science practical papers. This is why a lot of students are always in confusion. This book is a complete guide to succeed in the 10th class computer practical, and it has the sample practical papers section.

Students can analyze the paper and then prepare accordingly.  It is to explain the paper pattern and the distribution of marks.

How to study the 10th class computer science practical notebook in PDF?

Studying through a PDF is quite difficult. However, it becomes a lot easier and more fun when the subject is related to IT or computers. The computer science practical notebook requires students to start the computer, which is where the ease comes.

You cannot study this book without opening the computer or laptop; follow these tips for effective learning.

  • Open the book in a new window, and let it stay open throughout the studying session.
  • Keep your pen and notebook to note something strange.
  • Do not forget to take screenshots.
  • Use the team viewer application to share your computer’s/laptop’s screen with your teacher and friends to understand the working.
  • Mark the confusing statements in the pdf after taking a screenshot of them and sharing it with the teacher.
  • Screen recording can also help if you don’t want to use the team viewer application.


Studying computer science for 10th class through PDF is quite easy and interesting. You can learn it at its best by adding a few more applications. The book is quite an improvement; the older versions were not very explanatory. It has a lot of details, paper samples, and a description of each concept.

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