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Download Latest Version of 10th Class Matric English and Urdu Medium Computer Science Book Punjab Education. Computer Science 10th Class Book For All Punjab City Like Lahore, Faisalabad, etc. Or 10th Class Matric Computer Science Book PDF For Matric English Medium. Download Book Matric 10th Class Computer Science PDF.

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10th Class Computer book pdf

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Computer 10th class by Punjab textbook board.

This amazing book for the basic and fundamentals understanding of computer science for a higher secondary student is designed and co-authored by five subject specialists. Making it, the best computer science book for a Pakistani 10th-grade student.

It has seven chapters in total, and each chapter comes with a clear description of the main and associating topics. Moreover, the best part about this book is the exercises; they seem to be exactly what a learner would need. Each exercise has more than 10 questions and sub-exercises to help the students explore their potentials according to the paper’s requirement. At the end of the book, there is a glossary for different terms and words. What else can be better for a 10th-grade novice learner?

Excelling in 10th-grade computer science by Punjab textbook is not very easy, but this book approved by the federal curriculum board is all you need. It is appropriate and to the point. If a student needs some extra assistance in some cases, he can check on the Punjab elearn.com for videos.

What inside in the 10th Class Computer Book?

Let us have an overview of each chapter. It will help students decide how far they can understand computer science in these chapters described in the book.


Creating a program requires some goals. In computing, the main issue is to solve a problem. For any developer who wants to create some software or application, it is essential to learn to find different problems.

The next topic is about the algorithm and creating a program with algorithms. After it, the students will learn about creating a flow chart. That is all in this chapter. Most students take it as an easy chapter, it may be easy, but it is essential to understand the rest of the book.

Data type, assignments, and input/output statements.

This chapter starts with the BASIC language—next, the direct and indirect modes of QBASIC. Lastly, the most important part of the chapter is about programming, creating, and writing a program, then gradually, it will end in testing and executing a program.

It is a relatively long chapter as it deals with many different concepts, but with a good teacher, students can learn it well.

Control structures

You cannot just write the commands and expect them to give you an output. It is only possible through the control structures for the 10th-grade students. The main focus is on BASIC language and its types. It is a short chapter with all the strategies to conduct control.


Writing commands is not enough; the computer requires some defining contagions for separating data and storing them. That is why arrays are important. It will be a new concept, so the chapters start by addressing the basic details.

After learning about the array, they will advance to its syntax and printing of array, and lastly, the types of array.

Sub-program and file handling.

For every program, there are some built-in functions. A greater manifestation is a result of several smaller ones. But how will you make it happen? This chapter is all about the creation and installation of subprograms. Students will get to learn about functions and types of functions possible in a sub-command. The next main topic of this chapter is file reading. Students will learn about how a computer reads a file and how it is assorted in a computer.

Graphics in basic.

It will be an exciting chapter as students learn about the things that appear on the computer screen. The computer has been using to create different pictorial representations. Here they will learn the art to express themselves through the computer. This chapter will explain to them how, through commands and statements, they can create images or colors in their file.

Microsoft word.

Without Microsoft, the non-computer person who would be pursuing some other degree cannot even think of using a computer. So, the basic understanding of what Microsoft word is and how important this application is, are necessary.

This chapter will explain every detail of Microsoft word and its use. When you must use which tool, and what would be the result.  Microsoft word is the most used application, and soon, no industry can survive without employees who know everything about Microsoft word.

How to study 10th class computer effectively thorough PDF?

Studying the 10th class computer science book through PDF should not be an issue. It is already a book that will urge the students to use a computer or a laptop. As long as you are using the laptop to write commands and understand computing’s fundamental functioning, it’s all good.

However, the internet and other applications can mislead the students. So here are a few tips that can help you secure good grades.

  • Keep a pencil and a notebook with you to write the commands beforehand. This will save you time. Even when you are not writing the commands, make sure to have the essential stationery because you cannot write anything on the PDF. Thus, it is essential to make notes on a paper for future use.
  • If you want any assistance, you may use the application of screen recording here. Do not go for screenshots all the time. Many laptops and mobile phones offer screen recording. Share that video with your teacher for further explanation. Teachers, on the other hand, can also use this feature for explaining.
  • Do not keep the internet turned on while you are trying to write a code. This will end up wasting time. Notifications from various applications will distract the students.
  • Mark notes on screenshots. You can underline or highlight important points on a PDF screenshot.


The computer science book for the 10th-grade students by Punjab textbook board is a complete beginner’s guide for those who want to make a career in computer sciences. Studying through PDF, especially a computer book, should not be difficult; however, proper management and focus must make every second count.

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