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Download Latest Version of 10th Class Matric English Medium Math Book Punjab Education.Math 10th Class Book For All Punjab City Like Lahore , Faisalabad etc. Or 10th Class Matric Math Book PDF For Matric English Medium. Download Book Matric 10th Class Math PDF.

10th class Punjab textbook board mathematics book science group: all you need to know to secure good grades.

10th class, especially for the sci group students, is quite crucial. Securing good grades is essential; otherwise, they may not get admission to some good colleges. Merits are always high, making a tough competition.

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The 10th class mathematics book for the science group is an introductory level math book. Initially, it may look like a challenging book, but eventually, through repetition of the same concepts, it will be a piece of cake.

What is inside the PTBB mathematics 10 class books (sci)?

It is a big book. Having a lot to teach. There are 13 units. Each unit is dealing with a different concept. He prepares to get yourself indulged in the exciting concepts of mathematics.

The book is divided into two sections. The first one is related to Algebra, and the next one is about geometry. The Algebra section comprises the first six chapters, while the last seven are about geometry.

 The concepts of quadratic equations.

The first two chapters are about quadratic equations. The first one is a simple introduction of the equations, with the method to solve specific types of quadratic equations. Next, the second chapter is about the theory of quadratic equations. It is a bit longer, with some deeper concepts bout quadratic equations, roots, and discriminant.


It is the 3rd chapter; it is a relatively shorter chapter. However, it is one of the most important concepts of mathematics. The best part about this chapter is the real-life problems solved through the ideas of variation and proportion.

 Partial fractions.

You must have been studying fractions all your school life, now is the time to learn them like a pro. It is also a short chapter. It explains rational, proper, and improper fractions.

·Sets and Functions.

Sets are the basic concept of mathematics that can be used in everyday life quite easily. So, you need to stay very focused while studying it.  It is a longer chapter, comprising of all the sb concepts related to sets.

Basic Statistics.

If someone is interested in Stats, he must not ignore this chapter. It is the last chapter of the first section. Students will understand the same mode, median, and range concepts with a touch of complexity.

The geometry sections

The triangles.

The first two chapters of this section are about trigonometry. Students will learn every detail concept about triangles, sides of triangles, and trigonometry.

Arcs and Circles.

The last five chapters are about the circles, chords, radiuses, angles of a circle, and tangents of circles. The last part of the book is quite remarkable and interesting for those who want to explore the world of circles.

How to read this book effectively in PDF form?

Reading a book online or in PDF is entirely new for beginners. However, it is a blessing, especially for mobility. Before we start how to read the book, it is better to understand why PDF is essential.

  • Reading in PDF is a lot easier, as there is no restraint of physical space and weight.
  • The PDF can be carried anywhere the students want, without any issue of the time and place.
  • PDFs are a lot easier to share; you can ask questions and explain answers to your teacher through screenshots.
  • The book discussion with peers is quite easy with the PDF.

To read comfortably with the PDF. You must do the following things.

Make your mind.

I know it will be extraordinary. Shifting from real books to virtual books will be a bit difficult. That is why first you must prepare your mind.

  • Try reading some PDFs first, and check if your eyesight is good enough.
  • Think about the distractions; reading through PDF can be a bit tricky as there will be so many distractions.
  • Accept this new reality and the need to read through PDF.

Take screenshots of the digital notes.

As you cannot highlight anything on the PDF. Thus, the only option left to record things is through screenshots. It is better to make a new folder for the PDF screenshot. Name it “The Math book notes,” it will be then easier for you to find the essential points.

Keep all the writing accessories with you.

If you think that you should only use the PDF, then you need to come back to reality. As no one ever can understand the complex concepts of mathematics without a pen and paper. So, whenever you start reading the book through PDF, always keep the pen and your notebook with you.

Remember, the clock is ticking.

You should not waste your time while studying through PDF. Keep the timer set and set a goal. Studying mathematics through PDF can be a bit treacherous. To keep yourself focused, students must follow some goals.

Follow a schedule.

Before you start studying through PDFs, be it any book. Do not forget to follow a fixed schedule. Math requires a lot of practice, so you must make a revision schedule separately. Decide a day of the week to revise all that you have covered throughout the week.

Keep the internet turned off.

Throughout the study period. Keep the internet off. Otherwise, the learner may feel distracted. It is better to first download the PDF and keep it on your google drive; after that, turn the internet off unless you need to use it for some justified reasons.

Watch videos.

The eLearn Punjab has uploaded explanatory lectures for each concept and chapter. To get a clear idea about each concept even when studying at home, watch those lectures carefully.


The 10th-grade PTBB book for science is a very informative and reliable coursebook. Studying this book through PDF is quite simple and easy. It entirely depends upon the student’s temperament. They need to convince themselves of the change and adopt a strategy for effective learning. Many teachers and parents are very apprehensive of the negative impacts of virtual book learning, but it can be the best way to study mathematics in a controlled environment.

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