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10th Class Pak Study by Punjab textbook board.

The Pak studies book holds a significant position in Pakistani curricula, especially in public schools. This book, crafted by the best subject specialist, provides an insight into the most critical turnovers, policies, and decisions shaping today’s Pakistan.

Not a single chapter of this book is insignificant. The book is designed from a historical perspective; it starts from back to Pakistan’s Bhutto regimen. It is a new edition book of Pak studies published by Gohar publishers.

It comprises five chapters; each chapter is linked with the previous one. We will peek into each chapter one by one so that the learners must understand what they will learn about Pakistan mainly through this book.

Chapter number 1: The history of Pakistan.

It starts with the era of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. It may look like a part of history, but the policies designed during his period had some strong repercussions. He did the economic reforms, which had some good and bad impacts on the entire country, and almost every pillar of the society faced its consequences.

First, the students will get to understand what economic reform is. In the next section, a detailed account of the impacts of industrial, educational, and agricultural reform is given. It is a neutral approach, and students can analyze quite easily by comparing both these sections.

The third section of the chapter is about the 1973 constitution. Without understanding this crucial phase of Pakistani history, no one can ever claim to be a matriculated Pakistani. Succeeding the 1973 constitution during the Zia phase, Pakistan had a plot twist: the Islamization of 1977. Students can learn all the necessary details about this massive change of constitution in the very first chapter.

The 4th section is about the post martial law, it is a short section, but every minute development of this ear is of great importance. Following it, the students will learn about the destructive afghan wars, for which Pakistan had paid the price.

Benazir and Nawaz sharif era.

Both these eras are two continuous democratic eras of Pakistan. Students will be able to compare these two eras according to their performance and policies.

Musharraf era.

The 1999 takeover was again a struggling time for the nation. This era had some bad and good effects on Pakistan’s overall growth; in between the military take over and the democratic state rule, Pakistan glorified herself as the world’s 7th nuclear power. All these amazing facts are included at the end of the 1st chapter.

Coming back to democracy.

Pakistan again regained the democratic set up with local governments and elections. The impacts of privatization that are still debatable in Pakistan are also highlighted at the end of the chapter.

Chapter number2: Foreign relationships of Pakistan.

The geostrategic importance of Pakistan is undeniable. It is a linking region for several great Asian and western countries. It is linked with Russia, China, India, Afghanistan, Iran, and the Arabian sea.

This chapter discussed not only the geostrategic strength of Pakistan but also the foreign policy of our country. Unlike others, Pakistani foreign policy is designed on Pakistan’s ideology and aims as an Islamic country. That is why it is essential to understand those in that perspective; this chapter clearly explains each policy for every neighboring country according to that perspective.

Next is the Kashmir issue, which is the most debatable and important aspect of the India Pakistan relationship. Students will understand it even better, as the 10th grade Punjab textbook board is designed with a broader picture.

Next on the list is the relationship with Muslim countries, especially the Arab world, and the SAARC countries. All these accounts are essential for anyone who wants to pursue a career as a civil servant or a masters in Pakistan studies.

The last section is about Pakistan’s relationship with all the superpowers and the united nations. For a better explanation, there is a separate subsection for each country.

Chapter number3: Economic development.

This chapter discusses a detailed account of all the eight economic developmental phases of Pakistani history. Next are the important sectors of the Pakistani industry that run the economy. It will let learners understand what the potential growth sectors of Pakistan are. This chapter describes all the measures taken for the maximization of resource production.

Then the important canal section explains the structure of water and drainage systems at the national level. How Pakistan, blessed with five great rivers, yield water to cultivate lands, fields, and produce energy.

In short, every aspect that can cause economic growth and is responsible for the country’s prosperity. This is not all; it also includes how Pakistan can fight the challenges associated with growth’s main hubs.

Chapter number 4: Population society and culture of Pakistan.

The rural and urban composition of any country plays a crucial role in a country’s progress. Students will learn about the concepts of population control and resource distribution. The chapter is divided into a subsection, describing the societal conditions according to education, health, and other basic life facilities. It is a complete package to understand the various cultural trends, language variations, and similarities in various peoples.

Chapter number 5: Protection of Women.

Women’s rights protection is quite an important issue in developing countries. This chapter was included in the coursebook to invoke the importance of women in Pakistani youth. Students will get to learn about different steps taken by Pakistani governments for women’s rights. It is a sort and exciting chapter.

How to study this book effectively in PDF?

Studying Pakistan studies books through PDF will not be difficult at all. It is easy to read, and all you must do is memorize facts, analyze them, and make notes. However, following a few tips can help you in learning effectively by making every second count.

  • Always keep a dictionary with you while studying the Pak studies book through PDF. Various English or Urdu words may sound new and unfamiliar. Without understanding those terminologies, you will be unable to comprehend the concept.
  • Learn strategically; you must keep in touch with Youtube and other platforms. Students can easily understand through pictures and graphs the economic growth and impacts.
  • Create a folder in your drive and store all the screenshots there.
  • Mark and highlight essential details by editing screenshots.
  • Make every feature count and share all the confusions by highlighting them through screen sharing or screenshots with your friends and teachers.


The Pakistan studies book by PTBB for 10th grade is an interesting collection and description of facts. Students will get an explicit glimpse of Pakistani history, culture, developmental policies, and how they are thriving over the years.

Unlike the other coursebooks, like mathematics and chemistry, students will find it a lot easier to study the PTBB Pak studies book through PDF. All that is needed is their focus and will to learn.

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