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Biology book for class 11 Punjab board pdf Download and You can Also Read Online. This Biology textbook is For 1st-year Students of FSC and ICS (in English). This Book Only For those who don’t have access to the hard copy and Only for Personal Use Only.

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11th class Biology Text book PDF

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What’s the Biology book, and How do you read its PDF effectively?

Those students who want to join the field of medicine, be it MBBS, D-pharmacy, psychology, or biotech. They need to pass their intermediate with biology, chemistry, and physics. Termed as the FSc pre-medical.

The 11th class biology s one of the core sourcebooks. Anyone who does not know how to acquire the knowledge described in it will never secure good grades in the overall fsc ore-medical; this is quite a risk.

If you think that fsc pre-medical is a hard nut to crack, think again. You may also have studies biology in matric, and this is a detailed account of all those concepts introduced in matric.

This article is for all those students who think that the 11th class biology book is difficult, and there is no such strategy to get a good grade in fsc pre-medical biology.

What is inside the 11th class biology book?

This is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, so it is a fundamentally understood concept that every Muslim knows that we are a divine creature. Allah has already given us evidence about the human body and its construction. The book starts with the Quranic verses as evidence of biological developments and functions in the human body.

The best part about this book is the explanatory diagrams that are labeled. Moreover, there are different tables to explain the concentration of different essential chemical compounds. Some terms require an image for the explanation, so the book’s layout is designed with colorful images.

Summary of each chapter of biology 11th text-book.

Chapter number 1. 

Let us see what is inside the book; the first chapter is an introductory chapter about biology in a nutshell. The first section of this chapter is about biology and its fields to understand what they should do.

Then there is the level of biological organization, explaining from the cell to the ecosystem. Then there is the living world in time, mentioning how the world has changed on an organismic level. The last two sections are the services of humanity and the conservation of the environment.

Chapter number 2.

It is regarding biochemistry. Different molecules in our body are responsible for an organism’s proper functioning; this is a relatively short chapter with a detailed explanation of each macro-molecules.

Chapter number 3.

The third chapter is also about some special chemicals, enzymes. They are the catalyst that fastens the reactions. It is a short yet significant chapter.

Chapter number 4.

This chapter is about the basic unit of life, how scientists found it, cell theories, and its emergence—the structure and types of cells.

Chapter number 5 to 10

These five chapters are about the classification of biology. Chapter 5 deals with the classification of five kingdoms of organisms globally, and the second part of the 5th chapter explain the world of viruses.

Chapter six is about kingdom prokaryotes, explaining their specifications and types. The 7th chapter is about the most abundant micro-organism that is bacteria. The 8th one deals with kingdom fungi. The 9th and 10th chapters are a bit important and detailed; they are about the kingdom Plantae which is about plants and Animalia.

Chapter number 11.

Energy is matter, and the human body’s functioning depends on converting matter into energy and vise versa. To understand how it happens in a closed human body, studying this chapter is imperative. It will be an exciting chapter for the students, as it deals with the two basic concepts of energy conversions in the organismic world: photosynthesis and respiration.

Unlike the matric biology book, this one is a detailed account of the same two processes. Students will get an idea about the changes occurring at the atomic and molecular level. It is a colorful and engaging chapter, which will strike the students with awe.

Chapter number 12.

So far, the science students were only studying human nutrition. This chapter is amazing and interesting literature explaining the type of nutrition and the classification of different organisms. It explains the nutrition of different kingdoms and then ends with the nutrition of human beings.

Chapter number 13.

Gaseous exchanges, without which one cannot even imagine the survival of an organism. Just like the chapter nutrition, this one also explains how typical organisms from different kingdoms and genres breathe.

Chapter number 14.

It is about the transport of nutrients in the entire body of an organism. It starts with transportation in plants, the routes of transporting food in the plants. What are the theories about the flow of nutrients without blood etc.?

The next section is about human transport, describing the most important organ of the human body that is the heart. Not only the heart but the learners will also explore the vast world of blood cells and blood vessels. The most important part of this section is the lymphatic system, a mystery for many learners.

How to study the biology 11th E-Book PDF effectively?

Studying biology through a pdf can be annoying, but following these tips can be a piece of cake.

  1. Do not forget to turn off the internet while studying this book; the notifications from different applications can annoy and distract you.
  2. Try to keep a pen and pencil to note the important points.
  3. Do not forget to download a screen recorder to record the important pages, use the feature of screenshots and edit them to mark the important or confusing lines.
  4. Share your screenshot data with teachers and fellow students for clarifications.
  5. Use the voice note feature for explaining and questioning; texts can be confusing.
  6. Use glasses to protect your eyes from the blue light radiations and take breaks.


The 11th class biology book by PTBB is a complete package for those who want to explore the world of organisms. The most amazing thing about this book is explaining each biological process concerning the organismic kingdoms.

Studying with a PDF is concerned, so it is not very hard to follow some tips to save your time and energy.

Note: You can download the 11th Class Biology Full Book PDF (1st year Student of FSC & ICS) From Above Download Link or Directly from pctb.punjab.gov.pk.

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