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Chemistry book for class 11 Punjab board pdf Download and You can Also Read Online. This Chemistry textbook is For 1st-year Students of FSC and ICS (in English). This Book Only For those who don’t have access to the hard copy and Personal Use Only.

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What’s in 1st year’s Chemistry book, and How to learn effectively with a PDF? 

The 11th class chemistry is a common book taught to both pre-medical and pre-engineering students. This book has been crafted and designed by six professors and edited by three. Before you open this book, let us be straight about it, it looks like a very boring coursebook, but the information and literature in it are very engaging and significant. So, the students will not feel that aspect of the book.

11th class Chemistry Text book [FSC & ICS 1st Years]

It has eleven chapters in total; in this article, we will try to explain to the new learners how to study PDF effectively and what is inside the book.

What is inside the book?

It is a basic chemistry book; there is nothing much but an explanation of laws, measurements, the mode and methods of conversions and measurements, and the relationship of different chemical variants.

Chapter number 1

Atom the basic and most significant aspect of chemistry. If you cannot describe a particular atom, with its properties, that nature has made, you can never be a great chemistry student. It starts with atoms and isotopes, which is an older concept taught in middle school.

Next, the atomic number and mass, Avogadro’s number, and the moles, these concepts are being explained. This part mainly consists of formulae. The last part of the chapter is about the branch of chemistry, which deals with stoichiometry measurements.

Chapter number 2.

Experimenting to identify the chemicals is imperative to initiate the experiments of filtration or crystallization. At the 11th grade level, it is only about a few experimental techniques. Another reason to give extra attention to this chapter is practical. Students may be asked to experiment to extract chemicals to pass the practical.

Chapter number 3.

Gases the most abundant shape of matter. The laws for gases, as they act similarly under ideal circumstances. The most important part of the chapter is about kinetic molecular theories of gases.

The last section of the chapter is about plasma, which is the most abundant type of matter in the universe and especially outside the world in a vacuum. It is a small section but quite important for the objective part of the chemistry paper.

Chapter number 4.

If you are interested in knowing g the construction and structure of different solid and liquid molecules and why they are different from one another, this chapter is for you. The first section of the chapter is all about the liquids—the liquid’s different peculiar characteristics.

The second section is about solids. The structure of solids, types, and the construction of different solids. It is an essential chapter to score good grades in the chemistry 11th class paper, it has different diagrams, and students need to learn them.

Chapter number 5.

There is a whole new world inside the atom, and the atom’s composition decides the properties of an atom and its reaction feasibility with other elements. This is not an easy chapter and requires a lot of explanation; that is why it is a relatively long chapter. Students need to pay special attention to it to score the desired marks in the subjective paper.

Chapter number 6.

Once the learners learn the composition of different atoms, it is easier for them to learn the chemical bonding. They can easily understand why an atom is not compatible with the other. This chapter is all about bonding different atoms and the reason for a bond’s strength and weakness—the types of bonds and forming a new compound.

Chapter number 7.

Every chemical reaction releases or absorbs heat. This chapter deals with all the details regarding this amazing aspect. The major concepts in this chapter are enthalpy, the law of thermodynamics, and Hess’s law. Understanding these laws is very easy. So, do not you worry?

Chapter number 8.

If you know the law of mass conversation, this chapter is a piece of cake. It gives a detailed account of the irreversible and reversible reactions and what happens when any chemical reaction gains equilibrium.

Chapter number 9.

Every solution is different from the other. In fact, it is a liquid compound, but these properties are difficult to understand without learning some basic concepts. It is a relatively long chapter as the writers have explained each type of solution and its properties.

Chapter number 10.

Students are already familiar with it so that it will be a refreshing chapter for them. It is not as difficult as the previous chapters; they only need to practice the equations.

Chapter number 11.

This chapter deals with the speed and efficiency of a chemical reaction. We can gain the same products from different reactions, but the economic one will be counted as the most reliable route to extract a chemical. This chapter is an easy one, and students will love to explore this dimension of chemistry.

How to study chemistry 11th class E-Book PDF?

Today students are bound to study with a PDF. However, it is not a hard nut to crack, and if the students focus on the way out, it can be as smooth as butter. Follow these tips to secure good grades while studying with a PDF.

·         Keep your internet connection off while you are concentrating.

·         Keep a pencil and paper to make notes.

·         Create a different drive on google to keep your digital notes.

·         Use the features of screenshots, screen recordings, and voice notes to interact or discuss it with your teacher.

·         Keep your eyes protected, as it can damage your eyesight.

·         Keep the brightness at a mid-high level to get clear fonts.


The chemistry 11th class book by PTBB is very complex, but all you need to secure good grades are already in the book. You only need to work on a strategy for studying through the PDF. Concentration and an explanation by the teacher can help a lot in this regard. Moreover, to score good grades, students also need to revise this book five times a year.  

Note: You can download the 11th Class Chemistry Full Book PDF (1st year Student of FSC & ICS). Get from Above Download Link or Directly from pctb.punjab.gov.pk.

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