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Physics book for class 11 Punjab board pdf Download and You can Also Read Online. This Physics textbook is For 1st-year Students of FSC and ICS (in English). This Book Only For those who don’t have access to the hard copy and Only for Personal Use Only.

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Physics 11th class Book by PTBB

What is inside the book, and how to study effectively with a PDF?

The physics 11th class book is a precious learning source for both the Fsc pre-medical and pre-engineering students. The reason we claim it to be an asset is its content design and authors. One of its co-authors is an acclaimed Pakistani physicist with Sitara- e-Imtiaz. A total of 10 authors have designed this book, and each of them is a professional physicist.

One more thing that may make the book look appealing for the new students is the book’s outlook. Unlike the chemistry 11th class book by PTBB, the physics 11th class book is quite colorful, with tidbits and additional information on either side of the pages. It has images to clarify the difficult concepts not to feel confused while confronting a new concept.

What is inside the book?

The book is a bundle of information. It has 11 chapters. It has many different and amazing features that are designed according to the new curriculum design.

  • It has appendices to understand the different difficult and new concepts and symbols. There are three appendices at the end of the chapter.
  • It comes with a glossary to explain the different concepts and their definitions.
  • A summary of each chapter is available at the end of the unit. To clarify the learned concepts.

Chapter number 1; measurements.

Physics is all about the impact, relationship, and properties of physical quantities. If you remember, physical quantities are those that can be measured. So, without learning the rules of measurement, no one can become a physicist. So, the start of the Fsc Physics is from the concepts of measurements.

It may appear as a straightforward chapter, and only scientific measurements would come as a slight challenge, but actually, it is one of the most significant chapters. All you have to do is concentrate and ask the teachers to show you the tools for measurements.

Chapter number 2: vectors and equilibrium.

Now here you go. The real physic starts from here. Students will learn the importance of directions, vector quantities, and the concept of equilibrium in physics. The former is essential to understand the impact of various direction-dependent quantities, and the latter is about the vital issue of creating ideal situations with equilibrium.

Chapter number 3: Motion and force.

If you are a fan of newton, this is the chapter to focus on how newton’s theories and laws created the world we have today. It has the relationship of force, the dissipation of force, and how it makes things move. It is a complex chapter but is not a dry one.

Chapter number 4: Work and energy.

Now, force is the basis of work, power, and energy, so it is imperative to include these three concepts in the physics 11th grade by PTBB. This chapter is divided into three sections, the first two are about work and power, and then the last is about energy expenditure and conservation.

Chapter number 5: circular motion.

Motion is not linear, and circular or projectile motion is also contributing a lot to the real world. This chapter is essential if someone wants to fly an airplane or understand different objects’ movement naturally moving in circular motions.

Chapter number 6: Fluid dynamics.

The movement of fluids is different than the solids. This is not a difficult chapter, as all you have to study is the old concepts of solid movements. It is rather an exciting chapter.

Chapter number 7: oscillation.

If you remember the chapter waves from matric, then this one is a piece of cake for you. You will be introduced to the movement and effects of a simple pendulum while moving to and fro. Concepts like resonance, movements of springs will also be explained in this chapter.

Chapter number: waves.

Both the 7th and 8th chapters are similar in concepts. However, the waves are exclusively designed to understand waves’ various properties and feature only, including different types of waves.

Chapter number 9: physical optics.

Are you intrigued by the flow of lights and the use of lenses? This chapter is all about different lenses and mirrors how you can do magic in the real world and write that in mathematical forms.

Chapter number 10: Optical instruments.

The 9th chapter is the base of this one. After you have successfully understood what lenses are and their features. You can easily understand the application of those functions. This chapter is essential to inspire the students that the physical concepts are the basis of instrumental science. They will learn about microscopes and telescopes.

Chapter number 11: Heat and thermodynamics.

How the heat, the most prominent type of energy works, and flows in the real world. What tools and motors can be made through their properties? This will be an exciting chapter for those who aspire to be an engineer in the future.

How to study 11th class physics E-book in PDF effectively?

Are you worried that the PDF mode of studying a book will not be effective, and you may lose some important marks? Every other student will be worried, so worrying is normal. However, if you are not trying to tackle this situation, you may be a loser.

Follow these simple tips to secure good grades in physics 11th grade by studying the PDF effectively.

  • Always keep the internet off. You will only feel distracted when the internet would be on, and there would be a continuous thrush of messages.
  • Try to use the features like the screenshot and screen recording more often.
  • Edit the screenshots mark the difficult concepts.
  • Share the edited images and videos with your teachers and peers.
  • Use Quora to find answers to different questions.
  • Watch videos on physical concepts in leisure time.
  • Make sure to keep a pen and pencil with you while you study.
  • Do not forget to practice the numerical as often as possible.
  • Revise the book three or four times before appearing in the exams.


The 11th class physics is not a difficult book, and the new curriculum is beyond amazing. It has all the new concepts that a 21st-century learner must learn. The layout is fantastic to engage the students. Learning through PDF is concerned, so it can only become effective when the learners decide to learn with a strategy.

Note: You can download the 11th Class Physics Full Book PDF (FSC or ICS 1st year Student From Above Download Link or Directly from pctb.punjab.gov.pk.

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