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Urdu book for class 11 Punjab board Book pdf Download and You can Also Read Online. This Urdu textbook is For 1st-year Students of FSC, ICS, F.A, and I.Com. This Book Only For those who don’t have access to the hard copy and Personal Use Only.

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Urdu Text Book Pdf

11th Urdu class Book by Punjab textbook board

Urdu; the easiest subject for a Pakistani student, which can be the toughest when not prepared well. Urdu is the national language, but not the language of a majority in Pakistan. That is why many students who have Urdu as the second language find it difficult to secure good grades in Urdu all their lives.

11th Urdu Text book

The 11th grade Urdu compulsory book is co-authored by three authors, edited by three editors, and checked by two subject specialists. It is a special book in many regards. First of all, it addresses the needs of arts and culture for the science group, and for the art group, this book will give them an idea about the significance of arts in the Urdu language.

What is inside the 11th class Urdu book?

The book is divided into three sections, the first one is about prose, and the last two are about Urdu poetry. The longest [art is the first part comprising of 14 chapters. The poem’s section is compiled with 13 poems. The last section is about ghazal poetry, and it is seven ghazals long.

It is not a short syllabus, and students are supposed to keep focus to secure good grades. They need t to understand the writing style of each author and poet. Otherwise, they may not be able to answer the questions in the exam.

Each chapter has an exercise having a different language and literary skills. The best part about this book is its design to address both the language and literature. Moreover, every exercise also helps in improving the analytical skills of the learners.

The prose section.

This is the longest and most educating section of the Urdu compulsory book.

Uswa-e-husna by Syed Suleman nadvi.

If you have studied the Aligarh or Pakistan movement, you know that Syed Suleman Nadvi was an eminent figure of both these movements. He was a man of knowledge, and studying a few passages from his books and writings will be a pleasure. This chapter explains the life of Prophet PBUH with the unique perspective of the author.

Apni madad app by sir Syed ahmed khan.

Today’s students need to learn the values of the renowned Muslim leaders. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan is one of the best educators and leaders; he is the Pakistani movement’s father. This chapter is a glimpse of his school of thought about how Muslims must live their lives.

Sir Syed k adat o khasail by Altaf Hussain Hali.

This is a biographical account of the life and efforts of Sir Syed Ahmad khan. Students will get inspiration about the true meaning of life through this chapter.

Abu-al-Qassim zahravi by hameed askari.

This is about the Muslim surgeon who innovated different techniques for surgery and medical treatment.

Adeeb Ki izzat by prem Chand.

This is an interesting chapter that will explain how art is being ridiculed in society and why people do not want to put any effort in this regard.

Overcoat by Ghulam abbas.

This chapter revolves around the pressures of society. It is an interesting and painful story. Students will remember it forever.

Sifarish by Ahmad Nadeem Qassim.

It is also a social account that there is a trend in our society that people will only listen to the powerful even when there is a recommendation.

Chirag Ki loo by Hajra Masroor.

This is a short story highlighting the crises of a poor person’s life. This is a story of the poor girl and his poor dad who cannot cure his daughter’s disease.

Maktobat e Ghalib.

These are two letters by mirza Ghalib the amazing poet of Urdu.

Maktoobat e Iqbal.

These are also some important letters by Iqbal.

Lahore ka geographic by pitras.

This is a satire. Students will get to learn about the use of language for humor.

Dosti ka phal by Shafi Aqeel.

It is all about wisdom, and students will love this chapter.

Or ana ghr m murghio ka by Mushtaq Ahmed yousafi.

It is also a literary humor piece. It is, in fact, a wonderful art piece, and students will learn a lot about language and its use.

The poetry section.

It comprises of two sections—it has seven ghazals and thirteen poems. Students are supposed to pay special attention to this section as almost 25 to 30 percent of the exam marks will be from this section.

The following poems are included in this book.

  • Hamd by amir Menai.
  • Naat by mahir ul qadri.
  • Maidan e karbala m subh ka manzar by meer anees.
  • Mustaqbil ki jhalak by maulana zafar ali khan.
  • Barsat by Akhtar sherani.
  • Hilal e istaqlal by hafeez jahlandri.
  • Khitab jawanan e Islam by Allama Iqbal.
  • Paigham by Syed Mohammad Jaffer.
  • Qatat by mirza Mahmood sarhadi.
  • Local bus by Dilawar nigar.
  • Wahdaniyat by mast tawakal.

How to study through PDF effectively?

Studying language and literature through PDF is not difficult. It is just like reading an article or an e-book. All you have to do is follow a few tips for effective learning.

  • Always cover your eyes while reading through a screen.
  • Turn off the internet to keep yourself focused.
  • Do not forget to keep a pen and register with you to note down the important points.
  • Only turn on the internet when you need to learn some new words and meanings or want to know about the authors.
  • Do not forget to make digital notes and save them in a separate drive folder for instant access.


The 11th grade Urdu is a compulsory coursebook designed for the growing mind, and it will be a great delight for everyone. Studying it to gain good grades is necessary it will be a fun activity and students can read it as a leisure time activity. The PDF version is a compulsion now, and reading from it is not something to worry about; all you have to do is follow some reliable tips.

Note: You can download the 11th Class Urdu Full Book PDF (1st year Student). Get from Above Download Link or Directly from pctb.punjab.gov.pk.

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