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Chemistry book for class 12 Punjab board pdf Download and You can Also Read Online. This Chemistry textbook is For 2nd-year Students of FSC (in English). This Book Only For those who don’t have access to the hard copy and Personal Use Only.

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12th class Chemistry Text book

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12th class Chemistry Text book Pdf:

12th Chemistry class Book by Punjab textbook board

The 11th and 12th standard are very decisive in a Pakistani high school student’s life. The subject scores are very crucial in deciding which subjects to choose for the professional degree. As the 12 grade is the essential stage, all the books designed for its curriculum are reviewed with great care.

The chemistry book has 16 chapters. The entire book is designed to make people understand the concepts of inorganic and organic chemistry. By now, students were only taught the names of organic and inorganic chemistry.

chemistry 2nd year pdf download punjab board

Now they will get to know it in depth. The first six chapters are dedicated to inorganic chemistry; it starts with the periodic table and its construction manner. The next half of the book comprises each complex concept about organic chemistry; it will initially blow your mind.

  • For each new concept, there are diagrams.
  • Dimensions of almost every new compound are explained through a visualization.
  • It has tables for an explanation.
  • There are a glossary and index at the end of the book.
  • Long exercises are dealing with every section of the chapter.
  • Numerical where needed.
  • Objective type questions and short questions for easy preparation of the exam.

What is inside the book?

Well, this book is a treasure book as it has numerous concepts in it. Brace yourself as these are the longest science chapter in the chemistry book. The first-year chemistry book chapters are not this long. The main thing that will attract the learner is the newness of concepts, it is not a boring book, and the authors have ensured that you are getting to learn each shade of the element present in the periodic table.

Chapter number 1.

This is all about the structure and construction of the period table. Students are already familiar with it as it was a chapter in the 9th grade. However, at the 12 standards, this is a bit too explained, which is essential to understand the elements’ properties.

To secure good grades in questions related to this chapter, students should focus on cramming. What else can we do to learn the properties of an element? Moreover, a bit of conceptual analysis is also required to understand the trends.

Chapter number 2.

The first block in the periodic table, the S-block. It is a short block, but the elements are very reactive. To understand the trends, properties, and limitations of these elements, you cannot skip this chapter.

At the last of the chapter, you will also know the industrial significance of sodium and other important compounds.

Chapter number 3.

This is all about groups 3A and 4A. The most important element in this chapter is carbon. It will become the basis of organic chemistry, so skipping this chapter is not an option.

Chapter number 4:

This one is about the 5th and 6th A group of the periodic table. The pattern is the same; however, the most important elements are discussed in detail and are possibly important for the exam’s subjective part.

Chapter number 5:

It is about halogens. These are also the most reactive compounds, very likely to react with the metals. It will be a fun chapter because the compounds in this chapter are quite familiar.

Chapter number 6:

Transition elements, the least talked about elements. It may sound a bit tough, but just like the metals, these are relatively easy to learn.

Chapter number 7:

This chapter’s fundamentals of organic chemistry are very similar to the 9th class concepts you studied about the alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes.

Chapter number 8:

This is all about hydrocarbons. You will feel a bit strange how a Hydrogen atom is enough to change the parent compounds, which is the most fantastic thing about this concept.

Chapter number 9:

This is all about aromatic hydrocarbons. Organic chemistry is a profound concept, and aromatic compounds are the most important ones among all.

Chapter numbers 10 and 11.

What happens when hydrocarbons react with halogens? Both are incredibly reactive, and learning their reactions will be fun. This chapter revolves around this very concept. The 11th chapter is about alcohol, phenols, and ethers.

Chapter numbers 12 and 13.

The 12th chapter is about aldehydes and ethers. The 13th one is about carboxylic acids. Both these chapters are essential to pass the practical paper of chemistry.

Chapter 14, 15, and 16.

The macro-molecules, which are often necessary to study the working of industries at large, and human beings at the smallest scales, are discussed in the 14th chapter. In the 15th chapter, students will learn about the common industries in Pakistan, and the last chapter is about environmental chemistry.

How to Read Fsc 2nd Year Chemistry Book effectively through PDF.

Studying through a PDF is tough, especially when you are learning a difficult subject like chemistry. However, if you make a strategy, then it may work as a beneficial turn.

  • Do not sturdy the pdf online; always download it on your device, you never know when the internet connection will cause an issue, and you may lose the book.
  • Wear your glasses while studying.
  • Take breaks; it should only be 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Turn off the internet after you have downloaded the book.
  • Keep a pencil and paper with you to make notes.
  • Make a folder in your Gmail drive labeled as chemistry 12th
  • Take screenshots of the difficult or important pages, mark them with the editor on your device, and upload them in the folder.


Studying with a pdf is not tough if you know how to keep yourself focused. The internet and other applications may distract you, but a sound and the focused person will always make it through. It is a long book with several intermixed concepts. You may feel confused, but revising all these concepts three times before appearing in the exam can help.

Note: You can download the 12th Class Chemistry Full Book PDF (2nd year Student of FSC). Get from Above Download Link or Directly from pctb.punjab.gov.pk.

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