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Pakistan studies book for class 12 Punjab board pdf Download and You can Also Read Online in English and Urdu. This Pakistan studies textbook is For 2nd-year Students of FSC & Ics (in English) and F.A & I.Com Urdu. This Book Only For those who don’t have access to the hard copy and Personal Use Only.

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12th class Pakistan studies Text book

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12th Class Pakistan studies Book by Punjab textbook board

The current book studied in colleges for Pakistan studies is the latest edition published in 2108. Pakistan Studies and Islamiat are compulsory in Pakistan till graduation. Many students do not pay much heed to this subject as the concepts are repetitive. It is true, but this book is essential in many ways.

First, without passing it, the student will not be declared pass for the university level; second, it is essential to pass the different entrance test; one of them is the LAT test held several times a year for the five year LLB program.

12th class Pakistan studies Urdu-Eng

What is inside the book?

Five subject specialists designed the book. They have divided it into 11 chapters. Each chapter is equally important to clear the exam and understand Pakistan’s history and major developments in Pakistan.

Every student must keep in mind while studying a history or Pakistan studies book is its importance. Both the parents and teachers need to teach them that this book is not just a bundle of information, but a set of knowledge that can help you evaluate governments’ decisions and suggest some new policies for the betterment of Pakistani society.

Chapter number 1: the emergence of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

This chapter starts with the concepts of separate Muslim identity by Quaid and Iqbal. Students will also get a clear and brief insight into the Muhammadans’ struggles of the sub-continent for the Pakistani movement, even before Quaid and Iqbal’s birth.

The following topics are prominent in this chapter.

  • Formation of Muslim league.
  • Political and educational awareness among Muslims in the 20th
  • Struggles of Muslim heroes.
  • Role of Congress.
  • Lahore resolution.
  • Interim government and its implications.

Chapter number 2: initial challenges of Pakistan.

Why is Pakistan like this? Many students ask this. They do not know the complications Pakistan confronted as a nation and a country after partition. This chapter is a detailed analysis of what resources we lacked. We are still facing the music, but we are struggling since then.

Chapter number 3: Geography of Islamic republic of Pakistan.

Pakistan is important to the world due to its geostrategic position. If someone wants to make policies for the Pakistani geostrategic positioning, you need to take a special interest in our country’s geography. This chapter is all about the structure, reivers, lands, and neighbors of Pakistan.

Chapter number 4: Steps taken to make Pakistan an Islamic Republic State.

Pakistan is an ideological state, and there are only two ideological states in the world. Such a status is a threat to many countries and states; making Pakistan an Islamic republic country was a great challenge. Pakistan underwent many changes; this chapter is a detailed account of all those upgrades in the constitution and its policies.

Chapter number 5: The structure of government in Pakistan and good governance.

How government runs the affairs in Pakistan? What type of government is in Pakistan? How do we select people to control the democracy? This chapter contains answers to all these questions. Moreover, what is the state, the state institutions in Pakistan, and the hierarchy of power in Pakistan? All these topics are discussed in this chapter?

Chapter number 6: The culture of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The subcontinent has an ancient civilization; the Gandhara and Indus valley civilization was the region’s root civilization. Then there were Aryans, then Muslims invaded here and ruled for 1000 years, along with all this Hindus were also living. There was a culture of co-existence.

This chapter is significant to teach the tendency of Pakistani people. The Pakistani culture is a mix of all the old civilizations here, but all the traditions and cultures here are now according to the Pakistani teachings.

Chapter number 7: Languages of Pakistan.

Just like there were different civilizations in this region, different languages are still in use. Language conflicts have caused several damages to the policy implementation in Pakistan. Students will get a detailed explanation of why crises happened here and what languages are in use.

Moreover, this chapter’s most important thing is describing each language and its significant figures who tried to explain their thoughts as poets and writers.

Chapter number 8: National unity and prosperity.

After understanding how diverse Pakistan is, students must have known how difficult it is to implement a policy and run the country as a whole. This chapter will give them some basic tips on how such a country can be run.

Chapter number 9: Economic development and progress in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Economic development is crucial to run the state. Pakistan being a difficult and challenging state requires to work a lot to make it an economic power. If anyone wants to work for the country’s economic growth knowing these basic policies is essential.

Chapter number 10: Protection of Female.

In Pakistan, 51 percent population is women. Considering the safety of the 51 percent population is crucial. A wise state will never ignore it. Students will understand Islamic education about women’s rights and Pakistani governments’ initiatives in this regard.

Chapter number 11: Foreign policy of Pakistan.

Suppose you have studied the 3rd chapter with interest. This chapter will also interest you; Pakistan has friendly relations with almost every neighboring country except India. That, too, is because of Kashmir. This chapter is all about foreign policies.

How to study This book through PDF effectively?

Studying Pak studies through PDF is a piece of cake. You do not have to learn the formulae; it is like reading a short story. However, following these tips can make it effective.

  • Always secure your eyes from the blue light radiations.
  • Keep a pencil to make notes.
  • Use the screenshot and screen recording features for sharing the confusions with fellows and teachers.
  • Download the book for once and keep it till you appear in the exam. Online reading can be risky as the internet connection may betray you.
  • Turn off the internet while reading the book.


Pak study is a compulsory subject to pass Fsc, F.A, Ics, and I.com 2nd year. It is a simple book with a lot of essential information. As far as studying it through a PDF is concerned, it is effortless to focus and use the available features for your interest.

Note: You can download the 12th Class Pak Study Full Book PDF (2nd year Student). Get from Above Download Link or Directly from pctb.punjab.gov.pk.

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