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English textbook 3 for class 11 Punjab board Book pdf Download and You can Also Read Online. This English Book 3 is For 1st-year Students of FSC, F.A, I.COM, and  ICS. So this Book Only For those who don’t have access to the hard copy and Free for Personal Use Only.

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1st Year English Book 3 Pdf:

11th class English Book 3 by Punjab textbook board

The 11th class English is a tough one, and now students need to take the English more as a literature minded person. Earlier the Punjab curriculum board have made the students learn the language. They were not entirely familiar with English literature. There are two books for the 1st year students, and in this article, we will discuss book 3.

It is a relatively more minor book; the main content in this book is plays and poems. Both are a part of fictional literature. It will be a new thing for the students; they will know the English language’s beauty and how various artists and writers have worked on their craft through this language.

english book 3 1st year

Six English authors co-author the book. The book’s layout is understandable; I would not say it is imposing but like the standard English coursebooks. One thing that may surprise the FSC students is the exercises; they are quite long. The majority of the questions are for reading and writing comprehension.

What is inside the English book 3?

Apparently, this is a small book, but it has almost 23 units. Each unit is giving off a different perspective. This article will give you a glimpse of what is inside each chapter and what is in their exercises. Turn on your literary mode while you are reading this book.

The plays section.

There are only three extended plays. Each one of them is quite exciting, and the best thing is the feasibility of performing these plays. Students can create a drama out of these plays, and there is a lot more to it.

The primary purpose of adding plays to the 11th class English course was to introduce the learners to the craft of playwriting—the significance of settings and character development. So far, they have only learned about short stories, descriptive essays, and non-fiction passages.

The heat lightning.

This is the first play and can be a bomb of emotions for the students. It is a horrifying plot, as an alone girl is running for her life. There are three characters in this chapter.

Visit a small planet.

The next is a masterpiece. Here there are seven characters, and the strange one is the alien. Students will get to know the assumed roles of different people, especially housewives, and journalists, in this news.

The oyster and the pearl.

It is also an amusing play. It is about businesses and lives. There are different characters, and each one is different; this is a bit annoying. Only focused students can get the gist of the play.

The poems section.

This section is a bit changed than the poetry students have been studying all their lives. There are three main parts for every poem, and learners must follow that pattern as the English exam will be according to that.

For every poem, there is a section to introduce the poet. In literature, one can never understand a poem unless he knows about the poet and his tendencies in poetry. So, a brief introduction of each poet is mentioned at the end of every poem.

The second thing is the theme. The theme is explained in each poem. This was added to cater to the needs of the new learners. An Fsc student in Pakistan is predominantly an English language student and not a literature lover. So, it is very likely that many students do not know the concept of the theme of a poem. Thus, to assist the students, there is a section of the theme of the poem.

The following section is about paraphrasing. The 11th-grade English final board exam will have this question, about almost 15 to 20 percent. There is no explanation, but only the essential paraphrasing in the book. Students are supposed to discuss the poems with their respective subject teachers to explain the context.

  • The rain.
  • Night mail.
  • Loveliest of trees, the cherry now.
  • O, where are you going?
  • In the street of the fruit stalls.
  • A Sindhi woman.
  • The feed.
  • The hollow man.
  • A tale of two cities.
  • My neighbor friend breathing his last!
  • He came to know himself.
  • God’s attributes.
  • The delight song.
  • Love- an essence of all religions.
  • A man of words and not of deeds.
  • In broken images.

How to study English book three for FSC part 1 in PDF effectively?

Studying English in PDF is a bit annoying, and this is the real challenge for you now. Following a few, practical and helpful tips may help you make it a win-win situation for you.

  • Always keep the internet turned off while you study the English 11th class book3.
  • Keep a paper book, a pencil with you.
  • Do not forget to take screenshots of difficult words.
  • Only turn on the internet to find the meaning of difficult words.
  • Discuss your queries with your peers and teachers through voice notes.
  • Make a separate folder for English PDF on your mobile phone or laptop. These will be digital notes.
  • Learn about the poets and authors and try to check out different perspectives regarding the poems and prose.


The 1st year English book 3seems like a burden as now they have two English books in FSC. Trust me; this book is a piece of cake. It is a leisure time literature book that will lighten your mood by engaging you in the world of fiction and poetry. Moreover, this can be the turning point for many students as they may feel impressed with using the English language in such a beautiful way.

The PDF scheme is for the current and the upcoming students as there is a lockdown on schools. To make every second count, following a strategy is important as the English compulsory subject is equally important as the other science or arts subjects are.

Note: You can download the 11th Class English Book 3 PDF (1st year Student). Get from Above Download Link or Directly from pctb.punjab.gov.pk.

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