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English book for class 11 Punjab board Book pdf Download and You can Also Read Online. This English textbook is For 1st-year Students of FSC, F.A, I.COM, and  ICS. So this Book Only For those who don’t have access to the hard copy and Free for Personal Use Only.

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11th class English Text book

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11th class English Book by Punjab textbook board

This book is all about short stories, non-fiction essays, and argumentative essays. Two co-authors and a director compile this book. All of them are subject specialists. Each chapter of this book is a new impression of life. Students are going to love it if they are good teachers.

Each chapter has an exercise, which has both the subjective and the objective type questions. The best part about these chapters is that they are by different writers even if the genres of some chapters are similar, but still, it will be a new experience as the writers are other.

1st year English book pdf download

Another amazing thing about these chapters is the foreign author; almost all these chapters are foreign authors. This way, the learners will get to know the foreigner’s writing style, which many different from ours. This is also a reason why students find English book-1 difficult.

What is in the book?

There are 15 chapters in the book, and with each chapter, there is an exercise for a branch. It comprises of various questions, a glossary to difficult and new words. The main goal of all these exercises is to enable learners to become adept in reading and writing. The focus is on these two language skills, as the English coursebook designed in Pakistan or countries having English as a second language is instrumental.

An overview of the book.

  • The book has a glossary.
  • A paragraph to describe the theme of each chapter.
  • An intro to the author.
  • Exercises for reading and writing comprehension.
  • Grammar exercises addressing a few important concepts of grammar.

Chapters names:

Chapter 1: Button, button.

This is the very first chapter of this book. It is a strange and intriguing story. Learners will not want to stop once they find the mystery as the leading factor of this literature. It is a short story, there are only three characters, and the main idea of the story is about reliability and trust in a relationship.

Clearing in the sky.

This is about will-power. One more thing that will amuse the students in American English. This chapter is written in a different dialect, and some phrases are difficult to understand. Another beautiful feature is the explanation of the mountains, fields, and the little animals’ activities.

Dark they were and golden-eyed.

If you tend to dream about the impossible, this chapter will be very fantasizing for you. It is about the time when humans will have to leave earth, and the world becomes inhabitable. Now they live on another planet, and they are confronting the physical changes occurring in their bodies.

Thank you, mam.

It is a relatively short chapter; it is a short story about a woman’s behavior toward a child trying to snatch her purse. Students will get to learn the manners to treat the minor culprits. The English are a bit difficult, but the theme is unique.

The piece of string.

It is a grave toned chapter. The main character is a reliable, pious man who is alleged to be a criminal. All the evidence is in favor of the false accusers. The older man is not able to prove himself innocent. This story is about the faulty judicial systems and their consequences on society.

The reward.

The reward is about ambition. This story’s main character wants to do something big in his life and fulfill his wish. He did not get to do that all his life, but he had bestowed the best gift of his life when he was old.

The use of force.

If you want to learn descriptive fiction, this is the chapter to focus on. It explains the activities, expressions of a living being a girl. A doctor tries to control her, as she is sick, and he needs to treat her.

Gulistan of said.

It is a motivation and non-fictional chapter. Students will get to learn how someone can translate the important lessons into another language.

Foolish quack.

It is an amusing story. A foolish quack will try to please and treat various diseases. Students will only get to learn new words through this chapter.

A mild attack of locusts.

This is a difficult chapter and an important one. It has many diverse and complex phrases. Translating this chapter ideally can be a task for both the teachers and the learners. It is the most repeated chapter in exams, that is why students need to focus on it.

I have a dream.

It is about Nelson Mandela and his speech. It is historical fiction, and students can learn the history of black people in America.

The gift of Maggie.

It is romantic fiction. Students will get to learn about feelings, love, and expression of gratitude. It is also an important chapter, and a few questions are often repeated from this chapter.

God be praised.

It is about a Pakistani family. Expressing the hard life so people in Pakistan and what cultures prevail here in our country. It is a touchy story.

The angel and the author.

It is a fictional conversation between an author and the angel. It is a dream, where the author tries to ask the angel what good deeds he has recorded of him.

How to read English Book PDF effectively?

To score well in English, students must focus on their reading and comprehension skills as much as possible. To use the PDF effectively, they must follow some tricks.

  • Keep your eyes shielded to protect your eyesight and to avoid any headache.
  • Keep a pen and a notebook to write down your thoughts.
  • Keep the internet turned off, turn it on to check the meaning of different words.
  • Make a folder for English subject.
  • Use your smartphone features for content sharing, such as screenshots, screen recordings, and voice notes.


The English 11th class book 1 is a bit difficult and challenging book. Students tend to buy guides for it, which is equally good. However, it is essential to read the book with concentration to understand and answer the writing comprehension questions.

The PDF version of the book will ease the students if they are willing to make a strategy and study according to the plan.

Note: You can download the 11th Class English Full Book PDF (1st year Student for ICS, F.A, F.Sc, I.com ). Get from Above Download Link or Directly from pctb.punjab.gov.pk.

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