11th class islamiat Text book [1st Years] – PDF & Read Online

Islamiat book for class 11 Punjab board Book pdf Download and You can Also Read Online. This Islamiat textbook is For 1st-year Students of FSC, ICS, F.A, and I.Com. This Book Only For those who don’t have access to the hard copy and Personal Use Only.

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11th class islamiat Text book

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11th class islamiat Text book Pdf:

11th Islamiat class Book by Punjab textbook board

Islamiat is a compulsory subject in Pakistan till the 14 grades, passing every standard’s Islamiat is compulsory for the Muslim students. The non-Muslims may skip it and go for comparative religious studies or ethics.

This article is about the islamiat 11th class by the Punjab curriculum and textbook board. You will get to know what is inside the book, and today when we all are compelled to follow the PDFs, how can a student learn effectively with a PDF?

What is inside the book?

It is a short book. It has four chapters in total. Each chapter addresses a single topic, and to clarify the Islamic perspective of that topic, there are different sub-chapters. The book is co-authored by seven authors, all of our Islamic subject experts, and clerics. It is an authentic book, and each source mentioned in it is referenced properly.

Students will have to pass an exam of 50 marks for Islamiat to clear the FSC part one. Otherwise, they will be considered fail as Islamiat is a compulsory subject.

Unit number 1.

The first unit is about the basic beliefs in Islam. It is very crucial, and every Muslim should know it to declare himself a Muslim. This unit is further divided into five sections.

  • Tauheed

This is the first chapter. The concept of tuaheed is explained through qur’anic verses, and each verse is explained in-depth for better understanding.

  • Risalat/prophethood.  

This is also a well-read topic, and students are already aware of it. However, in this book, it is described in detail. What is the literal meaning of this term, how this process occurred in this world, and the prophets’ attributes?

  • Angels

Without believing in angels, you can never claim yourself a true Muslim. It is a pillar of faith in Islam. Students will get to learn about angels concerning Quran.

  • Sacred book

Quran and all the previous sacred books need to be accepted by heart and believed to be sent by Allah to enter Islam. This section is about the Quranic verses claiming all the previous sacred book as a message by Allah.

  • Belief in the hereafter.

Every Muslim believes by heart that after death, they are supposed to wake up, and all of them are accountable for their deeds in this world.  This chapter is about the impacts of this belief on a person and the overall Muslim society.

Unit number 2.

This chapter is all about the term Islamic identity. What do we mean by it, and a person who is a Muslim, what will he do, both at the individual and the societal level?

  • Pillars of Islam.

There are five pillars of Islam. Without following a single pillar, the religion would not be considered complete. Each pillar is explained in detail; students will find this chapter very easy to learn all these details. It will be a type of revision.

  • Loving and obeying Allah and his messenger.

Without love, one cannot obey anyone. In Islam, there is no force. First, the humans get to know why one should love Allah and his prophet. Then he would automatically follow the rules set by Allah and implemented by his beloved last prophet PBUH.

  • Rights of people.

This section is all about the importance of basic human rights and their importance in Islam. A person cannot claim to be a Muslim unless he knows the Islamic manners of living in a society.

  • Social responsibilities.

You cannot behave like a loner in Islam. It would help if you took care of fellow human beings and society. This section is about the social responsibilities of each Muslim.

  • Bad morals.

What is prohibited in Islam, and what can lead to the destruction of the life hereafter. This chapter is a detailed description of all those concerns.

Unit number 3.

This section is about the life of the holy prophet PBUH. It is most important because he is the guiding light; after learning different facts, the next step is to learn how to perform them the way Mohammad PBUH did.

This unit explains the six attributes of the last prophet of Islam. Each attribute is described with proper explanation in the form of a section. It has the following sections.

  • Blessing for worlds.
  • Determination and patience.
  • Remembrance of God.

Unit number 4.

This chapter is an introduction to the hadith and Quran. It will be an exciting chapter, as in previous classes, students were not introduced to the Quran’s names. Types of Quranic verses and their importance.

The hadith is also an important part of Islamic law, and Muslims need to study the hadith for guidance. The history of hadith preservation is described in detail in this chapter.

It has the following chapters.

  • Intro to Quran.
  • Intro to Hadith.
  • Selected verses.
  • Selection of Hadith.

How to study the Islamiat compulsory 11th grade effectively in PDF?

Studying Islamiat in PDF is not a big deal; only a few things must be followed on time for the best results. First, the learner must keep in mind that he is reading to earn some good grades, and it is no leisure time.

Read the following tips to secure good grades in 11th grade compulsory Islamic.

  • You need to turn off the internet while studying the Islamiat compulsory book. It will keep you focused.
  • Keep a pen and paper with you to note down the important point.
  • Turn on the internet only when there is a need to study extra information about a certain topic.
  • Take screenshots to share the confusing sections of the book with your teacher and class fellows.
  • Wear protective gear to keep your eyes safe.


The Islamiat 11th grade is a compulsory course, and every Muslim student needs to clear it to pass the exam. Focusing on the compulsory Islamiat is essential, and students may also need to read a few more books. As far as the PDF is concerned, it is a piece of cake, do not stress or worry about it.

Note: You can download the 11th Class islamiat Full Book PDF (1st year Student). Get from Above Download Link or Directly from pctb.punjab.gov.pk.

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