2nd year economics book in urdu – PDF & Read Online

economics book for class 12 Punjab board pdf Download and You can Also Read Online. This economics textbook is For 2nd-year Students. This Book Only For those who don’t have access to the hard copy and Free for Personal Use Only.

12th Class statistics Book in Urdu Download & Online Pdf View:

2nd year economics book in urdu – PDF

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2nd year economics book (urdu) Pdf:

12th class economics Book by Punjab textbook board

The Punjab textbook has designed two coursebooks of economics for the FSC, ICS, and FA. This book is an upgraded conceptual guide regarding all the necessary phenomenon of economics and finance. Learners need to pass it as an optional subject.

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This article will discuss what is inside the book and how learners can study this book through PDF.

2nd year economics book in urdu pdf

What is inside the 2nd Year economics book?

Two subject specialists design the book; both the authors are heads of departments in a different government college. It has 13 chapters; all these chapters are designed for a new learner, even the complex concepts are explained very carefully so that the learner must not get confused while reading it.

Chapter number 1: National income.

How a nation progresses, and what are the indexes to measure the economic growth of a nation. All such concepts are explained in this chapter. Moreover, how the national income is described, and what are the forms of national income. Lastly, it also explains the methods to calculate and evaluate the national income. It is a vase and an important concept.

Chapter number 2: Money.

The evolution of money, how humans realized to create money. Why is it important, moreover? At a government level, what are the difficulties in collecting the revenues in terms of money? Types and functions of money.

Chapter number 3: Bank.

What is a bank, types of banks, the concept of central, and about interest-free banking? Moreover, it also explains the banking model of Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

Chapter number 4: Public Finance.

What are finance and its types? All these concepts that are often read in newspapers are explained here. It is an important chapter, and the chances are that there would be some important questions from this chapter. Another amazing concept that every citizen must know is about taxes.

Chapter number 5:  international trade.

Trading with other countries is a very complex phenomenon. This chapter explains domestic and international trade, why countries must involve in international trade, theories on trade, and the organizations looking after international trading.

Chapter number 6: Introduction of Pakistan’s economy.

Pakistan is an Islamic republic state; this ideology makes Pakistan’s economy a lot different from other south Asian countries. So, studying it separately is necessary to understand the social contours of the country. This chapter is a great way for the new learners to know how the Pakistani economy works and has been working ever since.

Chapter number 7: National income of Pakistan.

How the Pakistani authorities measure the national income of Pakistan? What are the difficulties in this regard, why Pakistani people earn less, and what is the government doing to solve this issue? This is a relatively longer chapter designed for general understanding.

Chapter number 8: economic development and planning.

If you are wondering what an economist does, this chapter will explain everything to you. Learners will get to know the methods and ways of planning through economic records and laws. It is also an introductory chapter, so they will only get to know the main concepts for economic development and its factors. The last section deals with Pakistani economic development and the quality of life in Pakistan. It is a longer chapter as it addresses all the issues the Pakistani government faces in the different industries.

Chapter number 9: Communication, transportation, and human resource development.

Without you knowing what your friends are doing about business, can you help them? Globalization is a fruit of better and easy communication. The more a region is connected with the world, the better its people can earn. This chapter is all about the necessities of growth and especially economic growth.

Chapter number 10: Banking system of Pakistan.

The banking system in Pakistan is not like the ordinary system because it is an Islamic ideological state. So, the banking system is a slight concept system in Pakistan. This chapter is a complete explanation of the banking sector’s progress in Pakistan and its hurdles now.

Chapter number 11: Public finance of Pakistan.

This chapter is a brief and introductory account of how the Pakistani governments have been working to manage Pakistan’s public finance.

Chapter number 12: Foreign trade of Pakistan.

What are the trade relations of Pakistan with the neighboring and other countries? It will feel like reading a chapter from Pak studies, so it is an easy section.

Chapter number 13: Economic system of Islam.

After studying every concept regarding economics and the economic system of the world and Pakistan, it is easier to understand Islamic economics’s profound concepts. This chapter is all about it.

How to study it effectively through PDF?

So, studying it through the PDF is very easy all you need is to find out some feasible tips that can help you speed up the learning process.

  • Keep a pencil and a paper with you.
  • Cover your eyes with glasses to cover your eyes from the blue light radiation.
  • Take breaks while studying after 30 minutes.
  • Make digital notes for easy sharing with your teachers and fellows.


The economic 12th-grade book is slightly more theoretical, which is a plus for the learners. They can easily secure good grades in it if only the focus. The e-book study is also very convenient if they know the tricks to make it easy.

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