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English book and Mr.chips book for class 12 Punjab board pdf Download and You can Also Read Online. This English textbook is For 2nd-year Students. This Book Only For those who don’t have access to the hard copy and Free for Personal Use Only.

2nd Year English Book – 2

2nd Year English Book - 2

PDF Size: 54.4MB

2nd Year Mr.Chips English Book

Mr.Chips English 2nd Year

PDF Size: 6MB

The Punjab textbook board stays with a child till his 12th grade, the 12th grade English coursebooks are compulsory to pass the 12th grade, and these are the last English books designed by the Punjab textbook board for the college students.

In this article, we will discuss both these books, what the content is, and how we can study these effectively when we are round to study through the E-book version; that is, the PDF.

So, we would start with book 2. This is a collection of different short stories and essays—both fiction and non-fiction. The best part about this book is the 100% original content written by the native writers so that college students must know what it is like to read and analyze the literature written by nature authors.

However, this is not random; the subject specialists designed the collection; this book will be a roller coaster ride. The second book for the second year English course is a novel; it is by James Hilton.

12th Class English Text book

What is inside the 2nd Year English book?

Book two is called the modern prose and heroes. It shows that the book is divided into two parts. The first one comprises modern prose; the second part is about the heroes. The first part is about ten chapters long, and the heroes section has six biographies about the greatest leaders who o changed the world’s dynamics.

The dying sun.

This chapter is written by Sir James jean; he describes how small our world is compared to the rest of the universe.

Using the scientific method.

Darrel Barnard and Lon Edwards write this non-fiction study; it explains how important it is to use the scientific method to search for facts.

Why boys fail in college.

It is a humorous yet critical analysis of why students are not able to pass college with dignity. Herbert E. Hawks author it.

End of term.

This is an analysis of what it is like to end a college term as a teacher. It is a short but important insight for the growing mind.

On destroying books.

This is a humorous chapter about how one can dumb the books. J.C squire writes it. Introverts would love this perspective.

The man was in a hospital.

This chapter is about psychology, what role human psychology plays on the health of a person. It is a fictional account.

My financial career.

It is humorous fiction, a short yet enjoyable chapter about how a person would interact in the bank. Who knows nothing about the financial term?

China’s way to progress.

This is an amazing non-fictitious chapter telling how China is growing so fast. What are the strategies of local government?

Hunger and population explosion.

This is also a serious toned non-fictitious chapter. Having details about how the world is shrinking and what will be the issues.

The jewel of the world.

It is about the change of power structure in the Muslim world and the root of progress in the west how the Muslim leaders eloped from Africa to the west.

Part 2 of book one For 12th Class.

This is a collection of six chapters, giving a biographical and auto-biographical account of the great personalities. These are not complete biological accounts, but only a few chunks.

First-year at Harrow.

This is about the first initial days, Sir Winston Churchill’s entrance process when he got admitted in Harrow. He found it amusing, as he did not write anything in the entrance test but still get admission, which is scarce and surprising.

Hitch-hiking across the Sahara.

This is an interesting account of how the Sahara desert is, the issues that occur when you are hitchhiking in the world’s largest desert.

Sir Alexander flaming.

It is about the life of an innovative mind, Sir Alexander Fleming, as he invented penicillin, the first anti-biotic world.

Louis Pasteur.

Louis pasture is also a great name for biotechnology. He invented vaccines for pasteurization. Both these chapters will give confidence to the learners that every great person was once a layman.

Mustafa Kamal.

Mustafa Kamal changed the socio structure of turkey. He declared it as a secular state and then decided the fate of turkey according to the modern world order.

A dialogue.

This is a short dialogue between two students talking about the social issues and then involving their teacher for constructive criticism.

Novel; Mr. Chips by James Hilton.

To acquire a language, the learner must interact with its different genres of literature. This is a relatively long novel comprising of different chapters revolving around a schoolteacher’s life, Mr. Chips. Students will get to analyze a personality in isolation and the formation of emotions in character. It is about the life struggles and approach of a schoolteacher.

There are 18 chapters in this book; as far as the paper is concerned, students would be asked different questions from the novel so that the examiner must evaluate the learners’ analytical skills.

How to study These book PDFs effectively?

Studying language through an E-book is a piece of cake. You do not have to stress much about it; only a few simple and effective tips are enough to help you through.

  • Turn off the internet when you have downloaded the book. No need to turn it on while reading. It will distract you.
  • Keep your eyes covered with good quality eyeglasses to keep your eyesight intact.
  • Make notes, draw character sketches.
  • Charge your mobile phone fully for e-book learning.


The compulsory English books by PTBB for the 12th grade are slightly complex. Concentration, dedication, and the right way to study these books can help pass the exam with dignity. E-learning this course is not difficult; all you need is a change of strategy.

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