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Statistics book for class 12 Punjab board pdf Download and You can Also Read Online. This Statistics textbook is For 2nd-year Students. This Book Only For those who don’t have access to the hard copy and Personal Use Only.

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2nd year Statistics book

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2nd year Statistics book pdf:

12th Statistics class Book by Punjab textbook board

Statistics is one of the most under-rated subjects. Many people think that they might not need it but if you are thinking of conducting research or your work is related to data management, you need to know the fundamentals of statistics.

The Punjab government has this fantastic book for the learners to get acquainted with the basic concepts of statistics, which are not very hard for those who have always focused on managing the information correctly.

2nd year statistics book

Till matric students were only introduced to stats through the few last chapters of their mathematics coursebook, and in FSC, and ICS they get a whole different course for it. This shows the importance of stats in the world. One more thing, if you want to become a chartered accountant or do the ACCA degree, choose stats, math, and economics as optional subjects.

What is inside the statistics 2nd Year book?

The book is authored by a subject specialist, who is a professor in the government college. Moreover, to edit the text, there were separate supervisors. The layout of the book is perfect for the 12th-grade student. The book has eight chapters; each chapter is equally important for passing the exam.

Chapter number 1: Normal distribution

If you love to study the probability of variables, this is the chapter you would love. To explain the standard distribution concept, the chapter has a lot of theorems. It is a relatively long chapter, and each exercise has many questions, so you need to keep in touch with your teachers.

Chapter number2: Sampling techniques and sampling distribution.

Even if you are not going to take stats as a major subject for higher studies, still this chapter will help you in the future. It is a necessary concept for researchers. How will you determine the population and then take the most impressive sample and work on it?

Chapter number 3: Estimation.

How do you find an estimated quantity or number? Is it random? Not really. For a reliable statistical analysis having a pure method for finding an estimated value is necessary. This chapter will teach the different relevant concepts regarding estimation, the types of estimation, and their significance. The questions and problems in the exercises will help understand the importance of this concept.

Chapter number 4: Hypothesis testing.

When you are doing research or given a set of different values, it is straightforward to get an estimated idea. That estimated idea is the hypothesis, but you cannot say anything about it without testing the assumed theory. This concept is one of the bones of contention, as it is tough to test different types of hypotheses depending on the data provided.

Chapter number 5: Simple linear regression and correlation.

Can you relate all the variables under consideration? No, it is not technically possible. A few variables can correlate and affect each other; however, different variables do not correlate in a study. This is a chapter about linear regression, an essential concept of stats, and correlation, among other study variables.

Chapter number 6: Association.

How different variables are the same, and what is the contingency among them. How to measure them, and are these significant enough to notice. These concepts are explained in this chapter with proper questions to give the learners a profound learning experience.

Chapter number 7: Analysis of time series.

A few variables and data are measured according to the time. Measuring in such a way is slightly different than analyzing a value independent of time. Students will get to know about the time series, their analysis, methods to evaluate the trends, and much more related to the analysis of any study which involves time and movements.

Chapter number 8: Orientation of computers.

This is a complimentary chapter that is more related to the computer than stats. The reason to add it in the stats coursebook was to make the learners familiar with the computer’s use and working. It is necessary because, in the coming days, all the stats would be calculated and evaluated through a computer; not a single stat expert would survive without computers soon. Even today, several people are bound to the computer. Many research agencies have developed applications and software to study and analyze the given information, SPSS is an example.

How to study the stats book effectively through PDF?

The 2nd year stats are a short course book but are relatively difficult than the 1st year stat. To pass this course with dignity, learners will need to focus more. Studying it through a pdf will get even tougher if the students will not follow some necessary tips. The following are some feasible tricks that can make e-learning a fast and effective way to study the second year’s stats.

  • Firstly, ensure that you are hydrated and well-fed; studying through a PDF is exhausting, and you may lose focus.
  • Take breaks after every short while, for example, if you have solved nan tire exercise leave studying for half an hour.
  • Wear glasses to keep the eyesight intact the continuous exposure to a screen can lead to eyesight damage.
  • Use various editing applications to draw or write on the screen if you are studying the mobile phone.
  • Keep a pencil and a separate notebook with you to record whatever you have studied.


The 2nd year stats are a complex amalgam of different statistical rules, techniques, and theorems. Assimilating all these at once is impossible; students must know that the slow and steady wins the race. Moreover, as far as e-learning is concerned, it is straightforward to change the approach to read.

Note: You can download the 12th Class Statistics Full Book PDF (2nd year Student). Get from Above Download Link or Directly from pctb.punjab.gov.pk.

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