9th Class Biology Full Book PDF English Medium (Punjab Education)

Download Latest Version of 9th Class English Medium Biology Book Punjab Education.Biology 9th Class Book For All Punjab City Like Lahore, Faisalabad, etc. Or 9th Class Matric Biology Book PDF For English Medium. Download Book 9th Class Biology PDF.

9th Class Biology Book PDF English Medium (Punjab)

The 9th class biology book looks like a fundamental book for those interested in life sciences. If you have been a good student who loved to study science with all its interesting details, you will love it.

From the basic unit of life to the big life systems, the 9th class biology book by the Punjab textbook board explains it all but only at a fundamental level. The book has nine chapters in total.

This book is a complete package with an introductory tone, and for further details, the book has the links to follow, where the learners can search for some other details related to the topics under discussion.

Moreover, the elearnpunjab.com has all the relevant exercises, videos, and quizzes to help the students.

Download 9th Class Biology Book PDF

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How to get success in 9th class biology Pakistan

Here are a few simple steps that can help you in securing good grades in biology.

Extensive reading

Biology does not come with some variables and relationships, like physics and chemistry. The tone and the style of understanding biology need to be different.

You should prepare yourself to read as much as you can, read and then re-read. Underline each complex line and try to imagine the phenomenon. There are several difficult words in this book,  so you need to keep a lexicon with you, and while reading, try to understand the words.

The biology course is more about understanding words because the connotations of words will give you the meaning and work of each organ and process.

Write the definitions

You will see several definitions in biology, and to learn all of them, you can only practice writing them. However, you will not write them as a simple paragraph, but make bullets. Writing can reinforce ideas.

Make headings and get a guide. 

Being a young learner, it will be difficult for you to make headings alone, so you must buy a guide where there are many headings, one for each new sub-topic; this way, you can easily classify your work.

Draw diagrams

Labeling and drawing diagrams are one of the pivotal aspects of biology. Try every diagram that you see links to the topic, say when you are studying the last chapter ” transport” there, you would see the diagram for heart or lymphatic system, draw them twice, when you are studying the concepts, understanding the flow of blood and the exchange of gases.

You can expect to get good grades in the 9th class biology exam without diagrams. They are essential, as it will help the examiner understand how you have learned.

Do not forget the tables.

You should not skip them at any cost, these are for the objective paper, and you never know which one of them would come in the exam. So, cram them as it is the only thing one can do when studying biology.

How to understand 9th biology concepts?

If you think biology is all about concepts, you are wrong; it is a mix of cramming and concepts. Because what can you do than learning the values and chemical/ organ names and functions by heart?

Make flow sheet diagrams.

It the best and most effective method to learn the processes in biology. After every lecture, you can ask your teacher to make a flow sheet diagram for the process you have learned, or you people can simply name the parts of the process and make arrows for each one to link them.

Study the diagrams

Diagrams are quite important to understand the biological processes. You need to brood over the diagram, discuss it with your teachers. They will explain to you how the blood and chemicals flow in your body.

Watch videos

Some concepts are complicated to imagine, and you need to watch a graphical and visual representation on YouTube to understand the processes. You can check some great links and videos at elearnpunjab.com.

Go to the laboratory.

You should make sure that you are familiar with the organs; you can go to the laboratory and ask the attendant to give you a detailed account of each organism. You can even use the equipment for a clear understanding of what is explained in your textbook.


The physics and biology book for 9th grade by Punjab textbook board is a complete package; there is no need to consult any other books, except for the guides with solved numerical and more headings.

Lastly, the only way to secure good grades and acquire all the concepts is to invest time. You must try to read as much as you can, but only your book, it has all that you need.

You can Download 9th Class Biology Full Book PDF English Medium From Above Download Link or pctb.punjab.gov.pk.


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