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9th class Chemistry Textbook For English Medium 2023

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Chemistry 9th class book by Punjab textbook board is designed for new learners. It only presents the introductory content for chemistry. Unlike an ordinary book, it will not focus only on a single concept but all the sub-divisions of chemistry.

The Punjab government has improved the book and its layout for better understanding; it is a colorful book with many exciting topics. They have also launched this book and discussions for each unit at eLearn Punjab. What else can you ask for? Along with this, you can easily find past papers and paper patterns to understand the demand for the exam.

Downlead 9th class Chemistry Textbook

Let us see what is inside the book.

What is in the book?

There are eight units in this book, and each unit is linked with the others. To gain success in the chemistry Punjab Textbook board, you need to study all the chapters. Even though we have the pairing scheme of science subjects but that is only for preparation.

Why is it the best chemistry textbook?

For the following reasons, you can classify the chemistry Punjab textbook board as an excellent coursebook for new chemistry learners.

  • At the beginning of each chapter, there is an outline to make both the teachers and students understand what is in the unit.
  • Along with the topics, there is a long list of descriptions of each topic. It can enhance the excitement of the learners.
  • The exercises are designed according to the paper pattern.
  • Each concept is adequately explained.

Each chapter is significant in its domain. Here is a brief introduction to each chapter.

1. The fundamentals of chemistry

This chapter is about all the basic concepts of chemistry. The interdisciplinary sciences are linked with chemistry. The focus of the chapter is on the fundamental terms of chemistry such as

  • Molecular and atomic masses.
  • Avogadro‚Äôs number
  • Chemical calculations.

2. The structure of atoms

Without understanding the structure of atoms, it will be difficult to understand the chemical reactions. So, the second chapter is crucial for the understanding of introductory chemistry.

To understand the structure of atoms and their significance in a chemical calculation, one should consider this chapter.  The following are some common concepts in this chapter.

  • Theories related to atoms.
  • The discovery of the atom and its constituent.
  • The concept of the electronic configuration of each element.

3. Periodic table and periodicity of properties

The periodic table is the backbone of chemistry. This chapter deals with the construction and designing of the periodic table and its significance. Students will get to learn the following concepts in this chapter.

  • The trends of various atomic properties.
  • The history of the periodic table.

4. Structure of the molecule

For the concepts of chemical bonding, this chapter is equally important. The following concepts are discussed in this chapter.

  • Formation of compounds.
  • Formation of substance and mixtures.

5. Physical states of matter

This chapter is essential to understand the composition of matter and the difference between all substances’ atomic composition. The following concepts are discussed in this unit.

  • The properties and laws related to the gaseous state.
  • The laws and properties of liquid and solid states of matter.

6. Electrochemistry

The last section of the book deals with the concepts of applied chemistry. It is a relatively long chapter and is equally important. The following concepts are discussed in this chapter.

  • The electrochemical cells.
  • The oxidization and reduction reactions.
  • The industrial use of chemical cells.

7. Chemical reactivity

This chapter is about the reactivity of metals and non-metals; it may seem simple but is incredibly important.

How to get success in the 9th class chemistry Punjab Board

To attain good grades in 9th class chemistry PTBB, you need to follow some tips. The following are some recommended tricks to score high.

  • Attend all the lectures

Because it is the start of a new science branch, skipping a single class can confuse you. You should keep in touch with your teacher and ask them questions if you have missed any class.

  • Underline and highlight the concepts

There are many definitions in the book; all you should do is highlight all the concepts while reading them. You should keep a highlighter or a pencil and mark the difficult words.

  • Revision

You can revise the concepts in two ways. First, you should reread the chapters once you have finished it with the class. Do not make it a hurried affair; you should only finish one chapter a month. Moreover, the first revisions need to be slow and must cover all the skipped details. Try to consider the internet and some guides during the revision.

Another option for revision is solving past papers. For the last decade, the Punjab textbook board examines the 9th-grade students on the same old pattern. Thus, you can manage time and estimate how much time you need to solve a complete paper.

  • Solve all the questions

The exercises are a blessing for those who want ready-made questions. Compare the questions from activities with papers. Solve all the questions, it may take time, but a few questions a day can help.

  • Try solving the numerical.

Numerical are often ignored in chemistry. But for the chemical calculations, they are equally important. You should first consider the examples and then solve the numerical accordingly. You can also consider some guides to solve the numerical.

  • Make multiple-choice questions

The small lines with explanations can be asked as multiple-choice questions. Make these questions yourself.  Do not underestimate the point to ponder and tidbits.

  • Make diagrams

To get good grades, you should impress the examiner with your understanding. Attaining marks in chemistry is impossible without making structures and diagrams. Make them wherever it is necessary.

How to understand the 9th Class chemistry concept?

Understanding the chemistry concepts can be very difficult because the atoms and molecular structures are invisible, and we cannot feel them. However, the following tips can help a lot.

1. Make atomic structures

Whenever you are studying a new atom or molecule, try making its structure. These drawings can help you understand the making of ion and the loss of electrons.

2. Make flow-sheet diagrams

To understand theories and laws, you can try making flow-sheet diagrams. Practice these diagrams after every revision; it will help in retaining the concept.

3. Try the chemicals available at home.

Chemicals surround us all, and to clarify the concepts of chemistry; we can always try these chemicals. For example, to understand crystalline solids’ appearance, you can check NaCl (Table slat), and for soda, you can examine the baking powder or detergents.

4. Visit the Lab often

Ask your teacher to take you to the laboratory to explore chemicals and compounds and learn about the equipment used to do chemical reactions.

5. Imagine A lot

We cannot see an atom with the naked eye, but diagrams and pictures can help us imagine the atoms’ structure. Try imagining it will help you learn.

6. Watch videos.

It is the time of the internet, and you can check the formation of new compounds through some great graphical representation. It is just a few clicks away. It is better to watch these videos than to waste time on internet surfing.

7. Discuss with your teacher.

Your teacher is your rescue; you cannot rely on anybody else except for your teacher. Ask your teachers as many questions as you want and make notes.


Securing good grades for the chemistry 9th class by Punjab textbook board is not difficult if you are determined. You need to plan a schedule and mark down the things that sound difficult to you. Keep in touch with your tutors, guides, and friends.

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