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Computer Science book 9th class Punjab textbook board

The 9th class computer science book by Punjab textbook board is an introductory course book for the 9th class students. It is the first book by the Punjab textbook board dealing with the subject of computer science. In the previous grades, the students never got to study computer science, especially in the government/public sector schools.

Download Computer Science (English) 9th Class Textbook

The book is designed to help students understand the basics of computer science. The first two chapters are about the computer world and the transition from the real to the digital world. From binary systems to website management and cybersecurity, all these topics are discussed to support the computer fundamentals.

What is inside this book?

The 9th class computer science book has four chapters, and each chapter is of great significance. The sequences of chapters are perfectly designed; each chapter is indirectly reinforcing the succeeding ones.

Here is a brief introduction to each chapter.

  • The problem solving

The initial sections of the chapter deal with the definitions and introduction of the problem. Once the students have understood what we mean by problems, the chapter reveals the effective ways of solution. The concept of a problem and its mathematical representation gradually become complex, along with the brief introduction of errors and verifications.

  • The Binary system.

Without making computer science students understand the binary system, it would be impossible to learn the computer. This chapter will start with the revision of number systems and gradually shift to the number system conversion. The most complicated section of this chapter is the data and memory sizes of a computer.

  • Networks

This chapter is all about computer networking. Students will get to learn what are the basics of connectivity and network systems in the digital world. Telephone addressing and network addressing are the main topics in this chapter, while the last section deals with routing basics.

  • Data and privacy

This last chapter is all about cybersecurity. Students will understand the hacking systems, and in what regards it is ethical.

Why computer science and IT book by PTBB is reliable?

Those who have just started with computer science can rely on this book, as it is a complete learning package. The following features make this book the best school computer science book.

  • Students can get to revise the concept of each chapter through the summaries. Each chapter has its summary at its end.
  • Each unit starts with a brief introduction to engage students.
  • The learning outcomes for each unit are already mentioned. This way, the teachers and students can understand what strategy they should follow.
  • The layout of the book is according to international standards.
  • Exercises for each chapter are designed by the topics being taught.
  • There are activities after each section to elaborate on the concepts better.
  • Students can learn further through the bibliographic links.

How to get success in the 9th Class computer science Board Exam?

Are you trying to succeed in computer science and IT 9th class PTBB? You need to follow the below-mentioned tricks.

Work on your practical skills.

For the first two chapters, you may not get much to do on the computer, but the remaining two come with concepts that need practical skills.

Prepare gradually

To secure good grades in computer science, you need to change the mindset of preparing a night before the exam. Computer science is more about logic than cramming. Just like mathematics, try to focus on the logic of the problem.

Do not cram 

Computer science can never be learned through cramming. If you are in the bad habit of cramming, leave it at once. The computer science problems and designs are based on a basic concept. Once you have learned that concept, it will be easy, no matter how difficult the question looks.

Work in groups

Computer science is not a subject for loners. Make a group and discuss the concepts with your friends and teachers. To solve a problem, there can be more than one way. To learn all the ways to solve an issue is essential. It can only happen when you work in groups.

You can do the following things with your friends.

  • Share and make notes.
  • Discuss each topic.
  • Practice together in the lab.
  • Explore new computer knowledge.
  • Review your friend’s work.

Do not ignore past papers.

In Pakistani Boards, past papers are the most useful source for preparation. Buy some past papers after you have completed the book in your school. Solve each past paper and ask your schoolteacher to check them for you.

Give tests

Schedule some tests; ask your class teacher to arrange tests for you. This way, you can improve your computer paper solving skills. While you attempt these tests, keep an eye on the clock to record the average time.

Understand the paper pattern.

There are several choices in the PTBB computer science paper. But why should you consider it? If you feel that you are not so sure about a few topics, you can leave them for the choice and focus more on your interest topics. However, it does not mean that you should completely ignore the weak aspects.

Focus on writing

In the PTBB computer science and IT exam, you will not be asked to write codes only. Students are asked to explain each topic. Write as much as you can about every topic.

Do not skip the activities in the book.

Many students tend to ignore the activities in the chapters. Do not do this; these activities are to polish your concepts, and being a wise student, you must avail them.

How to understand computer science concepts.

Understanding computer science concepts is essential to secure good grades and pursue a professional degree in computer science. The following tips can help in grasping the modern concept of computer science.

  • Watch videos on the internet.

The binary system and the problem-solving concepts are a bit tricky as students cannot create something with them at this stage. To quench your thirst to have a visual understanding, students should watch videos through some renowned platforms.

  • Study various articles

While studying computer, you may come across situations worldwide and utilize this opportunity to learn more.

For example, when learning about network systems, you can use the internet to read articles about some renowned companies in Pakistan that deal with the network system. Those articles may look difficult. Still, they will increase your interest in the subject.

  • Search for the utilization

As the computer/digital world is a hidden virtual world, it cannot look exciting. While studying, you should search for the applications of these operations in the virtual world. It will help you set career goals in the digital world.

  • Practice at home

You can create your problems and then make codes for their solution. These tasks can be done for fun with your friends.

  • Help your friends

If you have a command on a topic, try teaching it to your friends. While teaching, you will get to revise it. Such teaching sessions can help reinforce the concepts.

  • Do not skip a class

As for the 9th-grade students, the Punjab textbook board computer science and IT are new subjects, so skipping a class will mean skipping a basic concept. Try to attend each lecture. If, in case you did not, ask your teacher to revise it.


In the Pakistani context, computer science was recognized as a school subject a few years back. Parents in Pakistan are not well aware of computer science, so that computer science may look like a difficult subject.

However, it is just as simple as the other sciences; you only need to plan properly. Stay determined and follow the tips mentioned above to secure good grades.

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