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Download Latest Version of 9th Class (Arts) Home Economics Book Punjab Education.Home Economics 9th Class Book For Arts Student and All Punjab City Like Lahore, Faisalabad, etc. Or 9th Class Matric Economics Book PDF For (Urdu) Medium. Download Book 9th Class Home Economics PDF.

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Home economics 9th Class (Punjab)



Home economics 9th class Punjab textbook board

The Punjab textbook board is among the best educational boards in Pakistan, and it makes sure that students get to choose their favorite subjects in matric. The home-economics coursebook is another amazing course book designed to help young students understand the basics of home economics.

In South Asian culture, home economics is one of the main subjects for women who would take care of their houses. This book is a complete learning package for those who want to excel in home management.

What is inside the book?

The book has eight chapters; each chapter is quite significant to understand the entire sphere of home economics. Let us have a brief idea about what is inside the book.

  • The introductory chapter

The first chapter is all about the introduction of home economics. Its significance, and how it has impacted the lives of people.

  • Chapters about food

Chapters 2,3 and 4 are about foods. These chapters will educate the learners about the basic concepts of food, diet, cooking, and food storage.

  • Chapters about children

Chapters 5,6 and 7 are about the upbringing of children. These sections deal with how to control children and understand their psychology.

  • The chapters about society and men

The last chapter highlights the role of man and woman in society. How different people, performing various roles in society, can connect with others.

Is it a great book about home economics?

The home economics book by Punjab textbook board is a complete book for new learners who want to explore the world of home economics. Every house functions as a mini country, and the maintainers of the house need to learn all these basic rules to make the housework perfectly.

As far as the book is concerned, it is an amazing book with all the relevant home economics topics. It has been designed with relevance to sociology, nutrition, and psychology.

For the following reasons, we can classify this book can be regarded as one of the best books of home economics.

  • Contains all the basic concepts.
  • The layout of the book is updated and colorful.
  • On the initial page of each chapter, there is a list of learning outcomes.
  • There is a summary of each chapter.
  • PrĂ©cised and focused exercises with relevant questions.
  • Elaborated tables and flow charts for better understanding.

How to secure good grades in home economics.

To get good marks in the home economics 9th class by Punjab textbook board, you should follow the below-mentioned tips.

Revise daily

Home economics will be a new subject for many students, so they may get confused. To minimize the risk of confusion, it is better to revise the topics daily.

Write as much as you can

The home economics book is in Urdu, and in the exam, you will have to save it in Urdu. Urdu writing can take a lot of time, so practice is essential to complete your paper on time.

Make a practical book.

Almost every chapter contains some practical work. Some students will not be active enough to complete the practical work along with the theoretical asks. Stop doing this if you want to earn good grades. Keep both these tasks side by side.

Solve the past papers

Understanding the paper pattern is extremely important. In Pakistan the coursebook does not change for a long time, so to secure some good marks you should consider past papers. Solve them as much as you can and record the timing.

Never skip the exercises and activities.

The paper on home economics will be designed according to the exercises and the content in chapters. Skipping exercises mean ignoring an opportunity to practice better.

Underline the main points

Even though there is a list of main points at the end of each chapter, but while reading, you must mark them. These important lines can be formulated as multiple-choice questions to test the understanding.

Cramming can help

There are several tables in the book, and the values in those tables can be asked. What else can you do than cramming? There are many things in this book that can only be learned through cramming.

Tidbits are important

In each chapter, there are many small boxes containing important information. Students should learn that information, and in case of any confusion, ask the teacher to elaborate them.

Learn the paper pattern

The question paper pattern will be obvious after solving the past paper. But to impress the checker, you must also try to improve the attempting paper techniques. You must do the following things to make your paper look great.

  • Make small headings.
  • Write short paragraphs.
  • Mention details in bullets.
  • Write with a constant flow.
  • Your handwriting must be clear and understandable.
  • Mention the questions and answer the number properly.
  • Do not try to attempt extra questions.

How to get the concepts of home economics?

The 9th class home economics is not a complex book. It will be easier to grasp the concepts. The following tips can help.

  • Discuss with your mother

There are several topics parenting and child development that can confuse students. So, to improve their understandings, the student may discuss these stages with their mothers.

  • Make notes

You should try to make notes for each concept, even though the book has many headings, but for your convenience, you can classify each topic properly.

  • Attend all the classes and practical

Doing practical alone can be very boring. You should attend the classes and participate in every practice. There are some calculations involved to make the budget and create a diet graph, and to teach them a supervisor is necessary.

  • Apply the learnings at home

Many concepts of home economics are relatable with general home life. Students can take advantage of this opportunity and ask their mothers to help. After executing all the laws and rules of home economics at home, students can easily understand the concepts.


Home economics is thought to be a very easy subject; however, it is not that easy. There are many things that can confuse a student who never heard about home economics. A keen student who understands the importance of everyday life can study better than those who take it as an easy subject.

To secure good grades in the home economics paper, students need to work on their concepts, writing, and presentation skills and practice all the practical.

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