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Math Textbook for English Medium (Science) class 9th PTBB

The 9th class math science is a trailer for all those who want to earn an advanced degree in mathematics and engineering.

The book covers all the basic concepts and can help students get an idea about their favorite sub-branch of mathematics.

What is inside the book?

There are 17 chapters in this book. It is a reliable book because all the co-authors are experts in mathematics. You can claim the mathematics science book is the best book for a 9th class student for the following reasons.

  • Each chapter contains an outline to prepare both the student and teacher for the upcoming concepts.
  • Before starting a new concept, there is a section for introduction and explanation.
  • For a better understanding of each mathematical operation, there are examples to relate with.
  • Exact and reliable answers for each question are mentioned at the end of the book.
  • A Logarithmic table to solve problems related to the logarithm.
  • Along with this, a glossary, a list of mathematical symbols, and some algebraic formulae are also given at the end of the book.

Sections of the book.

The book is divided into four parts.

1. matrices, real/complex numbers, and logarithm

The first two chapters deal with the concepts of matrices, real, and complex numbers. Both these chapters can help students in understanding the upcoming plot and graph making. Moreover, these concepts are also essential for the understanding of several statistical concepts.

Similarly, the real and complex numbers can help the students understand the relation of numbers to real-life phenomena.

2.  Algebra and equations

In the 9th grade, you will also be studying various physical and chemical relationships. So, it would not be wise to skip the mathematical connotation for the variables. To clarify the concept of variables, this section can help.

3. Coordinate geometry

This concept can be a little different than regular geometry. Here the students will get to learn the geometrical figures and graphs according to the coordinate axis.

4. Descriptive geometry

The last section is about eight chapters long. All these chapters are related to the mathematical analysis of different geometrical figures.

How to get success in Math 9th class Exam?

Securing good grades is essential, as it will impact the whole 9th class result. If you are somebody who hates math, then you need to change your perspective and see the subject as a tool to analyze the world.

The following are some great tips to secure good grades in mathematics.

  • Attend every class 

Skipping a single class can cause great loss, as each previous concept is related to the upcoming task. The entire book is designed in such a pattern. If, in case you accidentally missed any of the classes, ask your teacher to revise the lesson. Otherwise, you may need to check those lessons on the internet.

  • Revise weekly

Plan to revise whatever you have done on weekends. Take out your book, rewrite the same question answers, and then only write the questions and solve them. Do not panic if you failed; it is better to fail in practice than in the exam.

  • Solve examples

As far as the written exam is concerned, you should not skip the solved examples. Try solving them, too, before starting the exercise.

  • Manage your time

As you know, there are several concepts that a student needs to understand to pass the 9th class mathematics, so the paper will also be longer than the rest. That is why it is essential to manage time. Keep a stopwatch with you while solving the math problems.

  • Never cram the concepts.

Students are usually made to learn by heart the formulae, which is absolutely wrong. To secure good grades, it is necessary to understand the philosophy of the formulae.

  • Learn the definitions by heart

The only thing to learn by heart is the definitions. Without cramming, you cannot absorb the relations between variables. Once you are done with this, it will understand the making of formulae and rules.

  • Consider the past papers.

After you have completed your book, it is time to practice with past papers. Past papers are compensation for coaching centers. You do not need to attend any test sessions. Solve a past paper a day, check the answers, and that is it.

  • Know the pairing

The Punjab textbook board examination will design the math paper according to a set pairing. Ask your teacher and institute about the pairing, and then prepare according to pairs. While solving the paper, only choose those questions that you have practiced the most.

How to understand math (English) concepts?

Absorbing all the math science concept is tough; you need to believe in the rule of “slow and steady wins the race.” The best thing is each mathematical concept in the Math Science 9th class PTBB is linked with the rest. Once you have learned some of them, you can easily understand the complex operations.

The following are some useful tips to learn the concepts of mathematics.

Always relate

Math is not an alien subject; all these numbers, variables, and equations are depicting one or the other daily life relation. To understand these, you must ask the instructor to manifest those relationships.

Take time to watch videos.

The internet is a great help nowadays. You can watch nay videos related to any topic. During holidays, or on weekends you can watch videos to clarify the concepts.

Discuss as much as possible

Make every moment with your teacher count. Discuss any confusion, make as many questions as you can. It may make you feel timid, but that is how you learn. Ask your teacher to present the same operation in graphical or animated references.

Solve with other ways

Mathematics is known as the queen of sciences. It is because you can solve the same mathematical problem in several ways. To understand how different concepts of mathematics are linked with each other. It can be a time taking the task, but once done, you may be able to find alternate ways to solve the same problem statements.


The math science 9th class Punjab textbook board is not an easy coursebook. It demands a lot of analysis and time. To secure good grades, you need to stay focused, listen to the instructor, and maintain continuous communication with the teacher.

You can Download 9th Class Math Full Book PDF (English Medium or Metric Science Student) From Download Link or pctb.punjab.gov.pk.

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