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General mathematics 9th class Urdu Medium Punjab textbook board

A general mathematics book by Punjab textbook board is designed for the general science group. Unlike the other mathematics books, this one is the native language that is Urdu.

The book is designed while keeping in view commerce, baking, and consumer relations. The book is co-authored by two authors and then edited by two editors.

Download Match 9th Class (Urdu) Textbook Pdf

The book deals with the most effective and pragmatic curriculum. The coursebook would not hit the unnecessary details and concepts of mathematics, like trigonometry and geometry.

What is inside the book?

The book is divided into ten chapters, and each chapter is developed with some unique concepts. Each chapter contains various exercises; each exercise is designed to clarify and practice a concept.

  • Basic concepts of charity and percentage

The first two chapters are about the zakat and percentage. Students will get to understand the concept of percentage and ratio in the first chapter. After that, in the second chapter, they will imply the rules of percentage and proportion to understand the meaning and working of zakat and charity.

  • Chapters on commerce and business

From chapter three to chapter five, the book puts forward business, consumer rights, and taxes. After learning these concepts, students will be able to understand the basic concepts of everyday life math. For example, making a budget, calculating profit and loss percentage.

  • Basic mathematical concepts

From chapter six to nine, students will come across concepts like logarithm, geometric and arithmetic sequences. These concepts are just for the basic understanding of pure mathematics.

  •  Statistics

The last chapter revolves around the concepts of stats. If somebody wants to opt for stats in college, this chapter can help them a lot.

How to get success in general math class 9 PTBB

Gaining success in general math ninth class is not very difficult. However, following a changed perspective and lifestyle can help.

1. Practice a lot

The first thing to do is to practice. Acquiring the concept is one thing, but you do not know when you would come across a problem where you can get stuck at the basic operation. You should practice each question at least six times initially.

2. Manage time

The mathematical operations can take really long if you are doing them for the first time. While you practice solving, try recording the time you take to solve five questions.

3. Past papers

In Pakistan, the annual board examinations follow the same pattern since 2000, so you do not need to worry much. Before appearing in the exam, it is better to solve all the past papers. Students generally prefer to do subjective type paper, which is equally important but skipping the objective part can cause a loss of 20% marks.

4. Understand the tables

At the last of the book, there is a logarithmic table. It is better to understand the rhythm and differences in numbers to understand the logarithmic relationship between numbers.

5. Practice charts

The Math general book also deals with graphs and charts. You cannot secure good marks in these concepts unless you learn to draw them. Whenever you solve some questions from that book, make sure to make a graph.

6. Read the problem carefully

A wise student will always try to understand the problem before solving it. Sometimes the examiners try to play smart; they will give you the same problem with a slight difference. It can confuse you. However, a little concentration can help you.

7. Solve the easy questions first

While attempting the paper, try solving the easiest problems first. This way, you will have enough time and energy to solve the tougher ones. Solving them at the end may confuse you, and you will end up getting the wrong answers. So, do not put the easiest marks scoring answers at risk.

How to understand math’s general concepts?

Mathematics is all about the concepts, and if you see, all these concepts are prevalent in our daily life. For example, take the concept of percentage; every other person is grading himself or others according to the concept of percentage.

To acquire the mathematical concepts, you should first do the following things.

  • Try to relate all the mathematical operations with your daily life. It is very easy with the first six chapters and even with the 10th
  • How are these operations affecting the world?
  • The numbers in mathematics are not numbers; they are representing a complete phenomenon.

Once you understand the significance of these operations and concepts, you can easily learn them.

1. Read the complete chapter

The first thing you must do to improve your understanding is reading. From the first page of the chapter to the last page, there is a lot of learning. Read the chapter before attending the class. Underline all the difficult words and concepts.

2. Attend all the classes

Mathematics is a bit tougher than the rest. So, skipping its class will not be a wise thing to do. Try attending all the lectures and listen attentively while your teacher is explaining.

3. Discuss

Now, after the class or during the discussion time, ask as many questions as you want. Never feel ashamed of what you have asked. Ask your teacher to relate the concepts with your daily life. For example, they may tell you how you can use the operations of the percentage to find your exam grade. This way, you can learn faster.

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To secure good grades in the Punjab textbook board’s general mathematics, you need to focus on the concepts. Do not think of cramming; it will simply disturb your focus. Above all this, revision is the only thing that can save you. So, revise as much as you can.

You can Download 9th Class Math Full Book PDF (Urdu Medium Student) From Download Link or pctb.punjab.gov.pk.

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