9th Class Physics Full Book PDF English Medium (Punjab Education)

The Punjab textbook board has designed this 9th class physics book to deliver the basic physics concepts, as physics will be an entirely new concept for the students reaching 9th grade.

The first chapter would start with the physical measurement to understand the measurement rules and how the quantities are being considered in physics, as each subject has its unique way to value quantities.

9th Class Physics Book PDF (Punjab Education)

You can have this book to understand the fundamental concepts of all the scopes of physics. For each chapter, we have a separate exercise comprising of all the relevant and thought-provoking questions.

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Download Latest Version of 9th Class English Medium Physics Book Punjab Education.Physics 9th Class Book For All Punjab City Like Lahore, Faisalabad, etc. Or 9th Class Matric Physics Book PDF For English Medium. Download Book 9th Class Physics PDF.

What is inside the 9th physics book?

The book covers all the concepts of physics from kinematics to thermodynamics. Each chapter is divided into separate sections, discussing all the related fields of the main topics; the book is designed carefully; each previously learned idea will reinforce the next one, and vise versa.

At the start of each chapter, you get a brief description of each unit and what is in it so that the learners must get an idea about what is coming next.

How to get success in physics 9th Exams

Here are a few tips that can help you secure good grades in the 9th class physics examination.

Make up your mind

The first thing that would be a hurdle for most students is the overwhelming thought that now they will study three science subjects, and it isn’t easy.

No, it is not, now your science book is being divided into three books, to make it even easier for you to understand, as all these books are more elaborated.

Before starting a unit

Read the title of each unit, and then search it on google. You will need to get a clear definition of the word; if you cannot understand it, you can see some videos about the unit name.

Now, skim through the unit. Read the entire chapter, underline the difficult words. Find answers for each question that comes to your mind; this will take almost two hours. You are not supposed to stress if something is unclear.

Listen to your teacher attentively.

It would be best to do the skimming and internet research long before the teacher starts the chapter to get a clear idea about what will happen in the class.

During the class, you should make notes, try to write neatly, and note down every word your teacher says, even if it is an example. You can write in bullets.

After the lecture

Once you are done with the lecture, ask your teacher all those questions, including what you have underlined or made while reading the chapter at home.

Reread the chapter.

When you are again at home, read that chapter again, and try to answer the exercises’ questions. It will only help when you have already done the previous steps.

Get a guide

You can take help from a guide to solve the difficult questions, but the guide will only help when you are ready to learn, not copy. It would help if you tried to solve the question first yourself, then tally it with the guide to check your mistakes.

Understand the relations between the variables

While studying physics, you will see that there are many variables, and each variable has a relation and impact on others. While solving numerical, that is the practice of papers; you must keep in mind the relation you are studying.

Each physics equation is a mathematical representation of a relation. While solving, you must keep in mind that relation because sometimes you will not get the same values in exams, but you can easily solve the numerical if you have understood the relation.


It would help if you revised the book at least twice, what you can do to revise is tach some of your friends, who cannot understand some difficult concepts. This way, you will naturally think to grasp the concept to help your friend.

Practice makes a man perfect.

You can only get a knack for numerical problems when you are practicing them. It would be best if you tried to practice the numerical at least five times, two times when you are initially learning the concepts, and three times while revising.

Watch videos

The Punjab textbook board has created a website known as elearnpunjab.com, where you can learn all the relevant topics, as they have made quizzes and videos for each unit.

How to understand physics concepts

Physics is all around us. To understand kinematics and dynamics’ basic concepts, you need to consult your teacher and some other physicist who are ready to teach you online through videos.

Watch videos

You should watch videos to understand difficult concepts like electricity and thermodynamics, as it is tough for young learners to imagine an idea about molecules and electrons.

Experiment at home

In the first three chapters, you would study the laws of motions, and they all are fundamental. Trying and studying them at home and school can reinforce the concept. Ask your teacher to demonstrate, and then repeat it at home.

Use the tools

While you are introduced to some measuring tools in physics, you should ask the teacher and the school authorities to let you use and see some of the tools to not feel like a far off fantasy that you cannot reach.

Download Latest Version of 9th Class English Medium Physics Book Punjab Education.Physics 9th Class Book For All Punjab City Like Lahore, Faisalabad, etc. Or 9th Class Matric Physics Book PDF For English Medium. Download Book 9th Class Physics PDF.

To Download 9th Class Physics Full Book PDF English Medium From Above Download Link.

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