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Physics book for class 12 Punjab board pdf Download and You can Also Read Online. This Physics textbook is For 2nd-year Students of FSC and ICS (in English). This Book Only For those who don’t have access to the hard copy and Personal Use Only. The 12th class physics is a compulsory science subject for both the sub-science groups of FSC in Pakistan. Learning the fundamentals of physics is crucial for anyone who even wants to become a doctor.

12th Class Physics Book in English – Online & Download Pdf View:

2nd Year Physics Text book

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2nd Year Physics Text book Pdf:

12th Physics class Book by Punjab textbook board

The 12th class physics coursebook is designed with subject specialists’ help to help the students understand what it is like to be a physicist and what matters do they resolve with other inter-disciplinary sciences.

To pass the physics exam, students are also supposed to clear the practical exam to clarify and pass a certificate from the board. Without focusing on the theory passing the practical exam is nearly impossible.

2nd Year Physics book pdf

So, just if you are wondering why you should choose physics as an optional subject for the FSC, here is a brief account of what is inside the book and how you can secure good grades by studying through the PDF.

The best features are the following that makes it one of the favorite coursebooks of most of the subject specialists.

  • It has an amazing layout. The book is colorful with a lot of images.
  • There are various solved numerical problems, providing insight to the learners about solving each concept’s word problems.
  • The exercises are well-designed enough to prepare the students for the exams.
  • Labeled diagram for a proper understanding of each phenomenon.
  • Every symbol is explained.
  • There is a glossary at the end of the book to clear the confusion regarding any new terminology.

What is inside the Physics 2nd Year book?

The 12th class physics book comprises ten units, nearly half of the book deals with electricity and magnetism. The rest is about modern-day physics and nuclear physics. It is a fun ride for those who want to learn contemporary and ancient physics concepts all through a single book.

Eleven subject specialists co-author the book. Ensuring that the content is of high quality and the design of the book is understandable. Even the most challenging concepts are explained with the possible simplicity of acquainting the learners even with the most complicated physics ideas.


Electrons and other microscopic particles of atoms have peculiar properties that later on turn into current and electricity. Students will get to know the power of a charged particle and its application in different machines.

Current electricity.

What is the current, and what forces it generates while moving from the metal bodies? These are the basic physics concepts, but for a 12th-grade student, it can be a challenging idea.


This chapter explains how the current passing through a conductor impacts its surroundings when passed through a magnetic field. It is the most interesting phenomenon of electromagnetism.

Electromagnetic induction.

How the combined powers of magnets and current can produce motion and make heavy objects change their location. This sounds like magic but, in fact, a physical phenomenon. Students will learn how the electromotive forced motors work, and on the same principle, we transfer electricity through the transformers.

Alternating current.

The current we are consuming at our homes is the AC; without learning what it is and how it works to illuminate our houses and make our machines work, it would be futile to learn about electricity. This chapter is all about the AC, the three-phase flow of AC.

Physics of solid.

Why objects conduct electricity, what are their properties?  Moreover, how these unique properties of the conducting metals can be used and the impact of the magnetic field and current will have on these metals.


Switches, sensors, and gates are quite important to form different machines. Students will get to know P-n junctions, the characteristic of different kinds of connections. They can be used, what is rectification, and the use of all this phenomenon is described in this chapter.

Dawn of modern physics.

It is an important chapter explaining the new and emerging concepts in physics—the most famous theory of relativity and how it has changed the world of physics since then. Then we have the black body radiation, which is an entirely new concept of 20th-century physics. It is a very long chapter, touching all the major modern concepts of 21st-century physics.

Atomic spectra.

This chapter will reinforce some of the concepts that you will be studying simultaneously in your chemistry course. Different atoms give off different spectra; that is why today we have X-ray and laser technologies. This chapter deals with the phenomenon of other atoms to give off the peculiar range.

Nuclear physics.

What are nuclear energy, its uses, and the liked relevant concepts of atomic energy? All such concepts are discussed here. Radioactivity that has been a fascinating concept so far is also discussed here.

How to study the PDF effectively?

The PDF version of the physics 12th class book is difficult to understand as students are not used to it. However, if used properly, it can be the best e-version of a course book.

  • Ensure that the internet is turned off while studying.
  • Keep a pencil and a pen with you to note down the complex concept.
  • Take screenshots to make digital notes.
  • Share voice notes.
  • Watch videos on the internet to clarify the concepts.
  • If you are on remote learning, ask your teachers to explain through video or voice notes.
  • Cover your eyes with glasses to protect them from harmful radiation.


The physics 12th class physics by PTBB is as important as the compulsory subjects; securing good grades is not difficult if you focus on the book’s literature. Studying it through a PDF is the need of the hour; a few helpful tips can make it easier.

Note: You can download the 12th Class Physics Full Book PDF (2nd year Student of FSC, ICS). Get from Above Download Link or Directly from pctb.punjab.gov.pk.

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