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Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship is the largest need-based scholarship in the Pakistan history.

What is Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship?

Under this scholarship program, each year, around 50,000 students which belongs to families of low-income will be provided this scholarship for around 4 to 5 years for the undergraduate different degree programs.

Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship will cover around 100% or complete tuition fee & it provides a 4,000-living stipend per month. Geographical spread of this scholarship program covers all provinces, GB and AJK. By using online portal students can apply for this scholarship,  which is  

In June 2020, the HEC portal is opened for applications for the year 2020 to 2021.

How to Apply Online For Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship

if You meet the required Criteria You can Apply Online to this Scholarship Program at Below Site.


How to Apply Online For Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria

For this scholarship program, eligibility criteria are following:

Beyond intermediate, education is one of ways to reduce poverty. Access toward higher education is distributed itself very unevenly. Such as, solely around 0.4% of the students who belongs to low-income families are enrolled or take admission in institution of higher education, this percentage is very less as compared to national average of around 10%. The aim of Ehsaas scholarship is to remove this source of imbalance access. NHD Report of 2017 stated that, Pakistan country is one of the youngest countries across the world.

While realizing the Pakistan demographic reality which has huge population of about 220 million, among this population there is more than half of it are of young generation and are of university level, the Pakistan Government priority is to work hard on such scholarship programs which provide drive to students to access toward financially deserving children & also motivate gender equity. Pakistan Government make different strategies to create different opportunities for a sizeable youth segment.  It creates different equal opportunities for children belong to different background.


The Ehsaas Scholarship main objective is to make sure that students who are eligible will not deprived from higher education due to financial need.


Education till grade 12 is the surest way of emerging out of poverty. Access toward higher education is distributed itself very unevenly. The objective of Ehsaas scholarships to discard the source of imbalance access. There are different past scholarships which were aimed at PhD or MS programs, this scholarship emphasis on the very critical segment. This scholarship named as four-year undergraduate program, this program contributes so much in income potential.

Eligibility Criteria For Ehsaas Scholarship

This Scholarship is offered to following students:

  • Students who are newly admitted
  • Admissions taken on merit solely. Merit is described as student fulfill the criteria of admission of institution, criteria of that institution in which students takes want to study.
  • HEC allowed different degree programs
  • Institution regulations set the limit of age such as eligibility maximum age for this scholarship is similar as max age for submitting application to institution in different undergraduates’ program at HEI.

Conditions of Ineligibility

Following are the criteria for the student ineligibility:

  1. Any student is availing any scholarship except this one is not eligible.
  2. Enrolled in affiliated colleges which can be both private or public and distant programs of learning are not eligible for this scholarship.
  3. Enrolled in undergraduate program based on self-finance or self-support or self-sustain basis or enrolled in evening different programs with high fee structures are not eligible for this scholarship.

The aim of Ehsaas scholarship is to benefit around 50,000 students across the Pakistan per year & around 20,000 students in 4 years.  This scholarship is announced for several universities of public sector across Pakistan. For this scholarship, students could apply through online portal which is available at HEC officials. Online portal of HEC can be easily accessible by using its official website.

The student or applicant must have account, if student have then login to this portal otherwise registered yourself by selection the button of sign-up.  The students who have family income less that around 45000 rupees per month can apply for this scholarship. Total budget of Pakistan Government for this scholarship is around 24 billion rupees. Total 50,000 scholarship are available. In this scholarship 100 percent fee is eliminated and 4000 rupees is given to each student as a stipend.

Terms and Procedure:

Ehsaas Scholarship with the provision of Stipend will provide students with tuition as well as other fees enabling student to cover the essential expenses. This program will be carried out under the provision of Ehsaas Scholarships Steering Committee and that is co-chaired by the chairman of HEC and Chairperson BISP. In order to manage the scholarship program in efficient, transparent and equitable manner all the participating universities are advised to develop scholarship award committees as well as scholarship offices.

The Ehsaas Scholarship portal has been established in order to accept the applications from the candidates that are registered undergraduate in all the public sector universities.

If anyone is facing difficulty while uploading the required documents on the portal, he or she might submit the required documents in the hard form to the financial aid offices, who will then upload student’s document themselves.

The application submitted by student can only be considered only if all the documents are properly uploaded on the national portal. HEC and other participating universities will make announcement as well as invite students for the scholarship with the necessary documents such as salary or income statement, type of accommodation, grades sheet, household expenditure as well as type and value of physical assets if having any.

The scholarship award academy of university will than make all the provisional decisions on the basis of document submitted by student and they further recommend them for the process of ratification by program steering committee.

Such provisional decisions will get confirmation once they get ratified as well as got verification of income statement, supporting documents as well as interviews by the heads of scholarship award committee. The disbursement pf the scholarship will be directly taken from the scholarship fund.

The deposit if the stipend is made electronically into the student’s bank account, while the tuition fee is directly paid to the participating universities. Student bank account is compulsory. Ehsaas Scholarship Steering Committee is directly reported by M&E system.

How to Apply Online For Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

How to Fill Form For Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Online Apply or Registration

Step 1: Open and Click on Sign Up Button

Step 2: After Click on Sign Up Button. You Will See “Create Your Account” Form You Need to Fill this Form to Complete Registration

and You Done.

If You match the required criteria or you are eligible for the Ehsaas Scholar program You can Apply Online at HEC Ehsaas Scholarhip Pakistan Main site. Just Simply Fill Form at

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