F.A Part 1 & Part 2 Class Subjects List In Pakistan

In This Article, You will be info about F.A. subjects List of part 1 and Part 2 also learn what you can do after F.A. and What Career options after FA.

Intermediate is the most decisive part of every Pakistani students’ life. A huge chunk of Pakistan’s youngster’s population opt for Intermediate; only 2 to 3 percent of students, particularly from the elite class, go for the Cambridge system for higher secondary education. Now for Intermediate, the Pakistani student can get potentially confused. This confusion is mainly because there are plenty of options here, and the schools, colleges, and even parents do not have a clear idea about which subject to choose and what career line to follow.

F.A Subjects Lists

Amidst all this confusion, we are here to help you. If you think of availing yourself the opportunity to opt for humanities and social sciences, brace yourself for many opportunities in Pakistan and worldwide. Many people do not know and only prefer women to go for F.A., which means that it is only for the basic understanding of life and perpetuates Pakistan’s domestic structure. Now the things have changed, and doing Intermediate with Fundamentals of Arts has become a life-changer for many.

F.A. part 1 subjects List.

Part 1 is the crucial part of the intermediate; you must select the subject very carefully while understanding the passion and inclination. The best part about F.A. part 1 is the option to select different elective subjects. So here is the list of fa arts subjects for 1st year.

F.A. part 1 compulsory subjects.

  • English compulsory Part 1.
  • Urdu compulsory Part 1.
  • Islamiat compulsory.

F.A. part 1 elective subjects.

  • Physical education part 1.
  • Civics part 1.
  • Economics part 1.
  • Fine arts part 1.
  • English literature part 1.
  • Home economics part 1.
  • Islamiyat elective part 1.
  • Statistics part 1.
  • Mathematics part 1.
  • Philosophy part 1.
  • Education part 1.
  • Islamic history part 1.
  • World history part 1.
  • Music part 1.
  • Psychology part 1.

F.A. part 2 subjects list.

The F.A. part is the continuation of Part 1, so you must continue with the subjects you have opted for in part 1. So here is the list of fa arts subjects for the 2nd year.

F.A. part 2 compulsory subjects.

  • English compulsory part 2.
  • Urdu compulsory part 2.
  • Pak studies compulsory.

F.A. part 2 elective subjects.

  • Physical education part 2.
  • Civics part 2.
  • Economics part 2.
  • Fine arts part 2.
  • Home economics part 2.
  • English literature part 2.
  • Islamiyat part 2 electives.
  • Statistics part 2.
  • Mathematics part 2.
  • Music part 2.
  • Philosophy part 2.
  • Psychology part 2.
  • Education part 2.
  • World history part 2.
  • Islamic history part 2.

How to pair elective subjects in F.A.?

Even though the BISE offers a wide range of elective subjects for the F.A. students, there are some limitations. You cannot choose any random subjects for F.A., the above-mentioned elective subjects are classified into three groups, and you can choose only one subject from each group.

f.a Best Subjects Group

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Statistics Math Economics
Geography Philosophy Psychology.
English literature. Civics. Islamic history
languages Islamiyah World history
Fine arts Music
education Physical education.

What can I do after opting for F.A.?

career options after fa

This is a fascinating question; the answer to it is even more interesting. Moreover, you cannot answer it in a simple three lines answer. To help the student get a comprehensive idea of what they can do after F.A.

As you may have seen that F.A. programs in Pakistan offer seventeen elective subjects. Every student can have three subjects and make a combination. So, to explain the scope, we will also take examples.

Chartered accountant or do ACCA.

Yes, you have read it right. Many students do not know this, but F.A. is their ticket to become a chartered accountant. This is possible if you choose statistics, math, and economics. These three subjects are the basis of accounting and statistics.


Suppose you want to become an economist or start a consultancy regarding business matters. Do the B.S. economics after F.A.; you must include economics or two other subjects for this plan? Ensure that the other two subjects are relevant.


As globalization is prevailing, people are getting more aware of the importance of mental health. If you want to help people understand the incredible human behaviors, then go for B.S. applied psychology after F.A., the best combo for this plan is Psychology, literature, and philosophy.


Who does not want to create things when there is a lot to tell? If you feel that way, go for fine arts, English literature, and music/psychology.

Writer/journalist/language teacher.

If you want to become a journalist, then opt for English literature, philosophy, and psychology. Then you can opt for B.S. mass communication/B.S. psychology/B.S. literature/linguistics. It will then lead to a newspaper, content creation team, or work as a freelance writer.


Research is a new trend in academics, especially in Pakistan. If you have that urge to explore, then why not. F.A. provides a wide horizon for that. You can opt for any subject for this concern. The most amazing one would be Statistics, as you will have to use the rules and laws of statistics to calculate data.

Secondly, you must have a passion for education like every passionate researcher or philosophy can also help in this regard. From the third group, you must choose world history to understand how we have revolutionized as a world.

Law or judge.

You can become a lawyer or a judge. All you need to do at the intermediate level is opt for English literature, civics/philosophy, or world history/Islamic history. These subjects will help you clear the LAT for Law in Public universities of Pakistan.

Sports Coach.

Very few people know about this career opportunity. If you opt for physical education and are interested in any significant sport, you may opt as a coach. Physical education is often recommended for athletes. After F.A., you will go for B.S. physical education offered by different public sector universities in Pakistan.

Islamic researcher.

Suppose you want to study Islam scientifically. Then you must have strong grounds regarding it. In F.A., you can opt for statistics to calculate data, Islamite elective, and Islamic history.


F.A. is a program for all those who want to find their passions in humanities. There is a wide variety of subjects that can ultimately lead to various careers. It is not an easy option, and unfortunately, most people take it as a relief. There is a wide horizon of success if you choose F.A. in Intermediate.

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