F.Sc Part 1 & Part 2 Class Subjects List In Pakistan

In This Article, You will be info about F.Sc. Subjects Lists of part 1 and Part 2 also learn what you can do after F.Sc. And What Career options after F.Sc.

FSC is one of the most important phases of academic life for Pakistani students who opt for sciences. As far as the Pakistani education system is concerned, the fundamentals of science degrees, often named as the higher secondary education certification, are of two types, especially when you are opting for sciences.

The education ministries of each province are managing it according to the 18th amendment. We have the board of intermediate and secondary education to organize the FSc degree and its exams.

F.Sc Part 1 & Part 2 Class Subjects List In Pakistan

If you are about to finish your matriculation or are shifting to Pakistan to pursue your higher degrees here, you need to know the options you have. If you want to continue the science education in 11th and 12th grade, then there are two options for you.

  • The FSc pre-engineering.
  • The FSc pre-medical.

The main difference between these two subcategories of FSc in Pakistan is the main subjects; secondly, the FSc pre-engineering will lead to engineering sciences; on the other hand, the pre-medical students will get the opportunity to opt for medical sciences. A single decision can entirely change the course of your life.

Subjects of the FSc pre-engineering part 1.

  • Mathematics part 1 by Punjab textbook board.
  • Physics part 1 by Punjab textbook board.
  • Chemistry part 1 by Punjab textbook board.
  • Urdu compulsory by Punjab textbook board.
  • English compulsory by the Punjab textbook board.
  • Islamiat compulsory.

What is FSc pre-engineering part 1 all about?

Are you a math freak? It would be best if you opted for the FSc pre-engineering. Even though both part-1 and part-2 are crucial for success, most students make their downfall part-1. Keep in mind that there is a huge intellectual and curriculum gap between Fsc and Matric. So, thinking to secure good grades in FSc would be as simple as matric makes them stay easy in Fsc part 1.

The Fsc part one takes you three to four levels up in every subject, making it a bit difficult for you to understand science’s new complexities. However, the best part about Fsc part-1 sciences courses such as Fsc part-1 physics and FSc part-1 chemistry starts with the introductory chapters to assist the students.

To get admission to any public university with an affordable fee range, you need to score more than 87 percent in FCS pre-engineering part 1. The score getting subjects in part-1 pre-engineering are mathematics, physics, and Islamiat. These are easy, and that is why students often take them for granted.

Subjects of FSC pre-medical part 1.

  • Biology part-1 by Punjab textbook board.
  • Chemistry part 1.
  • Physics part 1.
  • English compulsory part 1
  • Islamiat compulsory.
  • Urdu compulsory part 1.

What is FSc pre-medical is all about?

Fsc pre-medical is a designed subcategory for those who want to be doctors, environmental scientists, pharmacists, biotechnologists, or genetic engineers. The main difference in FSc pre-med is the biology coursebook instead of math. Overall, the tough section of FSc pre-medical is the practical part; unlike the pre-engineering students, the pre-med students have to appear and prepare for three practicals.

As compared to the matric level education, the fsc pre-medical is a bit tough; you must secure almost 90 percent marks in part 1 to get your name on the merit lists for MBBS or BDS in public medical colleges.

Fsc pre-engineering part -2 subjects.

  • Mathematics part 2.
  • Physics part 2.
  • Urdu compulsory part 2.
  • English compulsory part 2.
  • Pakistan studies part 2.
  • Chemistry part 2.

What is Fsc pre-engineering part 2 all about?

The fsc pre-engineering is slightly tougher than the fsc pre-engineering part 1—especially mathematics with complex subjects like integration. The remaining two science subjects, physics, and chemistry are comparatively easier than in fsc pre-engineering part 1.

Another difference in FSc part 2 is the addition of Pakistan studies compulsory. It is an easy subject, and students can easily maintain a good score through it.

Fsc pre-medical part-2 subjects.

  • Biology part 2.
  • Chemistry part 2.
  • Physics part 2.
  • Urdu compulsory part 2.
  • English compulsory part 2.
  • Pakistan studies part 2.

What is Fsc pre-medical part-2 all about?

The Fsc pre-medical part 2 is difficult for students as they need to perform practical in part-2 particularly, and many institutes emphasize it in part-2. Secondly, the Fsc part-2 biology is tougher than the biology part-1.

Students need to score more than 90 percent in Fsc pre-medical part 2 to have their name on the merit lists of Pakistan’s best public universities and medical colleges.

What is the difference between Fsc Pre-engineering and Fsc pre-medical?

The main difference between fsc pre-medical and pre-engineering is the courses. When you opt for the fsc pre-medical, you will combine biology, chemistry, and physics. On the other hand, with fsc pre-engineering, you will get a combination of mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

career options after fsc pre engineering in pakistan

What can I do after Fsc pre-engineering and Fsc pre-medical?

Career options After FCS pre-engineering, you can opt for the following higher degrees for Bachelors.

  • Electrical engineering.
  • Chemical engineering.
  • Civil engineering.
  • Mechanical engineering.
  • BS mathematics.
  • BS physics.
  • BS chemistry.
  • Shift to social sciences like LLB, literature, or economics.
  • BS stats.
  • BS Computer science.
  • Software engineering.
  • BS telecommunications.
  • Space sciences.

career options after fsc pre medical in pakistan

Career Options After Fsc pre-medical, you can pursue a higher education degree in the following fields.

  • Doctor of physiotherapy.
  • BS nutritional sciences.
  • Doctor of veterinary sciences.
  • BS biotechnology/biochemistry.
  • BS agricultural sciences.
  • BS food sciences.
  • Doctor of pharmacy.
  • Shift to social sciences.
  • BS environment sciences.
  • BS clinical psychology.
  • BS applied psychology.
  • BS chemistry.
  • BS zoology.
  • BS botany.


Fsc is a decisive phase in every student’s life who wants to continue formal education in Pakistan with science. Both the Fsc pre-medical and Fsc pre-engineering are significant in their domains. It is entirely up to the students, and the best way to decide is to learn your inclination.

Those interested in studying the human world with a biological perspective should go for Fsc pre-medical. Those who want to build and create things with mathematics and physics rules should go for pre-engineering.

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