Suntrix Prisum PV4000+ Price and Specs

The Suntrix PRISUM PV 4000 plus is a top-tier solar inverter designed to provide reliable and efficient energy solutions for residential and commercial use. With its advanced features and robust specifications, it stands out as a leading choice for sustainable energy management.


The price will range from 99,000 PKR to 1.3 lakh in the market when it is launched.

Suntrix Prisum PV4000+ Price

Key Specifications

Specification Details
Model Name Prisum PV 4000+
Operating Temperature Range 10~50°C
Battery Input 24V, 142A
Maximum Charging 80A
MPPT Voltage Range 30 ~ 400VDC
Power Factor 1
Enclosure IP 21, Protective Class I
Built-in WiFi, BMS (Battery Management System)
Battery-less Operation Yes
Input Solar Panel Range 4000W
Output Maximum Load 3000W
Voltronic Power Base Yes
Warranty 5 Years


Features and Benefits:

Wide Operating Temperature Range: The Prisum PV 4000+ operates efficiently in a temperature range of 10 to 50°C, ensuring reliable performance in various climates.

High Battery Input and Charging Capacity: With a 24V, 142A battery input and a maximum charging capacity of 80A, it supports substantial energy storage and quick charging.

Versatile MPPT Voltage Range: The MPPT voltage range of 30 to 400VDC allows for compatibility with a wide range of solar panels, optimizing energy conversion.

Built-in WiFi and BMS: Integrated WiFi enables remote monitoring and management, while the BMS ensures safe and efficient battery operation.

Battery-less Operation: The inverter can function without a battery, providing flexibility in power management and cost savings.

Robust Design: The IP 21 enclosure and Protective Class I rating offer durable protection against environmental factors.

High Input and Output Capacity: It supports up to 4000W of input solar panel range and delivers a maximum load output of 3000W, making it suitable for diverse energy needs.

Voltronic Base: Built on a reliable Voltronic platform, it guarantees stable and consistent performance.

Long Warranty Period: A 5-year warranty ensures peace of mind and long-term reliability.

Why Choose the Suntrix PRISUM PV 4000+ Solar Inverter?

The Suntrix PRISUM PV4000 plus is a user-friendly and cost-effective solar inverter, ideal for both residential and commercial use. With built-in WiFi and a Battery Management System (BMS), it simplifies system management. Its ability to operate without a battery offers flexibility and savings. Priced between 98,000 PKR and 1.3 lakh*, it provides excellent value for high performance and reliability. This combination of advanced technology, ease of use, and affordability makes the Suntrix PRISUM PV 4000+ a top choice for sustainable energy solutions.