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10th class physics coursebook PTBB group.

Punjab textbook board has been striving very hard to improve the quality of education. The physics 10th class book is a promising sign of better education in Pakistan. The 10th class book is a continuation of the 9th class PTBB physics coursebook.

There are eight chapters in this book, and the main topics are waves, electricity, IT, atomic physics, and magnetism. The best part about this book is easy to understand language and terms. It is specially designed for the 10th-grade student; each chapter summarizes the discussed chapter.

To help the learners understand each concept properly, the book has the following things.

  • Each symbol and quantity are described both in words and in mathematical form.
  • There are examples for each physical formula so that the students may understand the use of those formulae.
  • Each chapter has numerical for practice.
  • At the end of every chapter, there is an exercise with three sections: subjective, objective, and numerical.

Tips to secure good grades in 10th class physics,

The book is a student-friendly material. However, to score excellent marks and make the best use of this material, students need to go the extra mile.

The following are some tips that can help you secure good grades in 10th-grade physics.

  • Do not skip a topic. Every topic discussed in the book is of great importance, and each preceding topic is reinforcing the next topic. It is like a string, so skipping a single bead can make it difficult to understand the following.
  • Make notes without noting down every essential detail. Making notes is not a norm among students, especially in Pakistan, and most of the time, students tend to rely on ready-made notes. Do not do that. Notes are very subjective.
  • Do not forget to practice the numerical. These are like math equations. You cannot acquire them accurately unless you repeat them four or five times.
  • Try to explain mathematical and proportional relationships.
  • Teach your peers and explain them as much as you can.
  • Past papers are a blessing for the Pakistani student preparing for the 10th board exams. For more than a decade, the paper pattern has not changed. A wise student will take it as an advantage; even the coursebook is almost the same. So, considering past papers can be helpful.

What’s inside the PTBB 10th physics book?

This book is a masterpiece, especially for the Pakistani student who has been studying PTBB science throughout his school life. It is easy yet advanced. Let us see what does this book has to offer.

1. Simple harmonic motion

The first chapter is about the physical waves in the form of simple harmonic motion. This chapter is crucial for the learners as it will explain how waves move and what type of motion one should expect when a visible object moves like a wave.

This chapter’s primary concepts are time (T), frequency (f), and their relationship during oscillation. Students will study oscillations in balls, pendulum, and other harmonically moving bodies.

These concepts will eventually be used to describe the wave movement and the core concerns of wave motion. This chapter, in particular, exemplifies the simple harmonic wave motion in electromagnetic waves.

These facts about the first chapter clearly indicate that this chapter is a fundamental base for the upcoming chapters.

2. Sound; the second chapter.

This chapter may appear like an easy challenge, but trust me, it comprises many new concepts. It is not frightening rather interesting for keen learners.

The two most fantastic and intriguing topics are the audible frequency range and the ultrasound waves. Most people who want to establish a career in sound sciences need to give extra time to this chapter.

3. Geometrical optics.

Mirrors and lights, the two most important concepts of the world of physics, have been discussed in this chapter—the laws of refractions and reflections are universal and can be exploited in different scenarios. The best part about this chapter is applying each phenomenon; this way, the students will find it an essential physical impression of nature.

4. Electrostatics.

For those students who have always wondered about the formation of electricity and charges, this is a treat for their mind. In this chapter, they will come to cross the most basic concepts of electricity. Each value is properly described and mathematically explained in this chapter, from coulomb’s law to applying the electrical phenomenon. Everything is explained properly in this chapter.

5. Current electricity.

Do you aspire to be an electrical engineer? These two chapters are very crucial for your future. How the current flow, when, and the consequences of the current flow, all is in this chapter—the basic concepts of DC and AC. The best part is the electricity safety tips.

6. Electromagnetism.

Did you know that an electric current is magnetic in itself? Does not it sound interesting? It surely does. This chapter is all about the effect of flowing current and the production of the magnetic field due to it.

7. Basic electronics.

Who does not want to create switches? When interested in electricity, it is imperative. This chapter is all about switches and gates and how to operate them. It is a fundamental concept.

8. Information and communication technology.

IT, the most anticipated field of physics and science. IT is undoubtedly the future of the world. Skipping this chapter with all the basic concepts of the cyber world and digital information.

9. Atomic and nuclear physics.

We all have learned about the destruction of atomic bombs. However, what we still do not know is the formation of such a disaster-causing weapon. This chapter is a fantastic collection of ideas and concepts that are related to atomic and nuclear physics.

How to read this book effectively in PDF?

PDFs are not a new thing and can confuse the students. Reading with PDF requires a lot of control and discipline. The following tips can help in effective data gathering and learning through PDFs.

  • Set a schedule when studying with a PDF.
  • Do not let the internet and other applications disturb you while reading a PDF.
  • Keep your glasses on.
  • Keep a notebook with you while reading the PDF.
  • Take screenshots. Create a separate folder on your mobile and keep screenshots as notes.
  • Coordinate with peers and your teachers while studying through a PDF.


Reading the physics 10th class PDF is easier when you follow some strict rules. No one is going to force you; all you will do is keep yourself under check. Physics 10th class book is a treasure box, and it is up to the student to extract as much knowledge as possible by following the best learning tips and understanding.

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