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English by the PTBB is not a tough coursebook, especially for those who were interested in English all their school life. It is a mixture of both English literature and the English language.

The goal of the book is to enhance the understanding of the learners of the English language. Along with this, it has activities and chapters focused on improving language skills.

The book is divided into three sections. Each section is separated from a review exercise. The review exercise contains all the relevant questions and activities related to the previously learned chapters’ content.

Pros of English 9th class book by PTBB

This book by the PTBB is a lot different than the rest. It is designed under the curriculum of the national curriculum of 2006. The following are the pros of this textbook.

  • It focuses on all four language skills.
  • Promotes group-based learning with several open-ended questions.
  • Focuses on grammar activities for better writing skills.
  • Poetry and other literary genres are also discussed.
  • For each chapter, there is special guidance for teachers.

How to score good grades in English? (arts and science)

There is no hard and fast rule; you only need to focus on what is the syllabus. Just like Urdu, you should focus on the four main language skills. You can even skip the listening skill.

The following are the tips that can help you secure good grades.

1. Write a journal daily

If you are a regular student who does not miss an English class, it will be very easy for you. Simply write, whatever you have learned in the class, this will do two things.

  • Your writing skill will improve.
  • The analytical skill will upgrade.
  • It will help you revise.

2. Underline the difficult words 

Before you start a lesson, try to read it at home. Underline all the difficult words, some words are known, but their use might confuse you. Underline them as well.

3. Use a dictionary

Plan to use the digital and conventional dictionaries on Sundays. Open the chapters you have read in a week. Now find the meanings for the underlined words. Do this activity even if your teacher has already told you the meanings.

4. Make sentences

Now you must try to make sentences of each difficult word. Even if it is not in your exercise, but you should do this to understand the language.

5. Translate.

Take any paragraph and start translating it. It will improve the understanding of the context and the word meanings.

6. Learn with synonyms

Do not forget to remember words with the help of synonyms. This way, you can also understand the negative and positive connotations of the words.

7. Understand the grammar activities

English literature is only linked with the use of grammar, while the English language is actually grammar. Do not think that if you have crammed all the answers, it is now enough to secure marks.

You need to focus on grammar. At the end of each chapter, there are some activities related to grammar. Before doing them ask your teacher about the use of that grammatical concept.

8. Learn summarizing

Summary writing can help you with the following things.

  1. The understanding of the theme.
  2. It will help you in paraphrasing.
  3. To learn answers and questions.

9. Practice often

Language is a complex aspect of human life, and mastering it within a few sessions is impossible. You need to practice it often.

10. Solve past papers

In a Pakistani setting, the paper pattern will rarely change. So, it is wise to solve past papers. It will not only give you an idea about your performance but will also help you to understand the time limit.

How to understand English For 9th Class Book

Acquiring a language like English is not a piece of cake. You should try to work like a horse. But because our goal is to secure marks in the final examination so we will only focus on the book.

1. Have a debate

There are 12 chapters in the 9th class book, and each chapter requires you to understand the theme. A single second language learner cannot acquire and understand the theme. Ask your teacher to explain it before and after the lesson.

2. Try implementing the grammar rules on random stories

You will learn some tenses and grammatical features in this book. The book’s exercises are limited if you are trying to learn the concept of grammar, practice those grammatical rules on other books, and self-made exercises.

3. Relate your learnings

You need some extra literature to do this. Say when you are learning about the types of essays in English. You can buy a book or find some literature in the form of an E-book. Now read the book’s literature. After that, read the contents of the E-book.

This activity will help you understand the common features between the two. Thus, you can learn how to write that essay on any topic.

4. Do not skip anything

You should not skip a single exercise. Each word written in your book is important. In the exams, anything written in your book can be asked. Do not skip them at any cost.


Securing good grades in the Punjab textbook board 9th class English is only possible after constant hard work. You need to write a lot but make sure that you are only writing what is being asked in the book. The syllabus for writing skills is mainly based on grammatical rules, so when you polish them, the grammar will automatically improve.

You can Download 9th Class English Full Book PDF (English – Urdu Medium) From Download Link or pctb.punjab.gov.pk.

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