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Download Latest Version of 9th Class Urdu Book Punjab Education.Urdu 9th Class Book For All Punjab City Like Lahore, Faisalabad, etc. Or 9th Class Matric Urdu Book PDF For Both Urdu and English Medium Student. Download Book 9th Class Urdu Subject PDF.

Download PDF Urdu Book for Class 9th by Punjab Textbook Board

The most widely accepted and implemented curriculum in the Pakistani Punjab province is by the Punjab textbook board. And here, we will discuss the impeccable Urdu language and literature course book for class 9th by the Punjab textbook board.

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Download 9th Class Urdu Text Book PDF

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It is a complete book of Urdu literature. It focuses on all the major genres of the Urdu language like prose, poetry, and ghazal. It can make the learner love Urdu literature.

Parts of the Urdu 9th class book by PTBB

The coursebook designed for class 9th by the Punjab textbook board is classified into three parts. There is a brief introductory passage about them to help the students understand the poet and author,

The prose sections

This section contains all the short stories, passages, and chapters. All are extracted from the famous and incredible classical literature. The author of each chapter is a well-known Urdu language and literature personality, including the “shams-ul-ulema.”

The poems section

This section includes four poems, all by the great Urdu poets. It can help understand the learners the difference between poetry and ghazals.

 The ghazal section

The last section is the ghazal section. It contains a mix of classical and contemporary ghazals of Urdu literature.

How to gain success in PTBB 9th class Urdu as an English medium student.

Before I give you some effective and practical rules to succeed in PTBB Urdu, it is important to do the following things.

  • Make up your mind.
  • Do not be afraid; it is just a language.
  • Take it as an art and a subject to feel relaxed.
  • Listen to news regularly or read some Urdu magazine.

Define your goals.

Your dedication to a subject decides your success. If you are only going to treat it as a burden, you will not get the desired marks. The highest marks one can get in Urdu is almost 73; the three marks that get deducted are only because of the writing and that nobody can be given full marks in arts.

You must set the following goals for the Urdu subject.

  • You need to master your mother tongue.
  • To know the amazing writers and poets of Urdu.
  • To present your thoughts in Urdu.
  • To improve your communication and writing skills in Urdu.
  • To enable yourself to analyze your mother tongue.

Why should you think this way? It is because your mother’s language is important to represent yourself. English is not your language, and to learn English, it is essential to know your first language better. Then and only then can you gain success in Urdu.

Write daily

Start writing a daily journal in Urdu; you can write half of it in Urdu and half in English. This journal writing will help you express your thoughts in your language. In the Punjab textbook board, students are only asked to express themselves in written language skills, so it is better to focus on writing.

You must try to write difficult words, more often, even though you know the similar meaning word but prefer using the difficult one. It will help you in improving your vocabulary.

Read daily

Read your chapters daily, not the entire chapter, but a paragraph is enough. Your teacher will say that you must rush but ask them to give you some time to comprehend if you are a weak learner, especially when you were only focused on English.

Do two verse a day

No, you are not supposed to rush on a poem. You need to read two verses of a poem a day minimum. It is just for the beginning. This will help you understand the poem properly. A poem a week is fine as you are going to appear in an annual examination.

Do not skip the exercises.

Each chapter comes with an exercise involving various activities and concepts. These are mostly grammatical concepts. You will need to ask your teacher to explain these. Discuss the purpose of each exercise with your teacher. These questions are for improving your idea about the literature and the Urdu language.

How to understand the Urdu Language for 9th class book

Understanding language is not easy. If you feel that it is your native language and can secure good grades, you need to think about the poets.

Not every native speaker is skilled in a language, so there is no point in claiming that you already know the Urdu language.

The following are some ways to improve your understanding of the PTBB Urdu language concepts.

  • Always try to learn about the Writing type first.

In the PTBB Urdu textbook for 9th class, you will come across several literary genres. You must always ask your teacher or do research online to understand the literary genre.

First, you must understand the types of poems and their sub-genres in the Urdu language to understand all the poems.

  • Read about the writer.

In the Urdu book for the 9th class by PTBB, you will come across a brief introduction about the author. To conceptualize the motivation and idea of the writing. You must do some research about the author.

  • Write articles

Writing is the primary skill; you should write articles weekly. Proofread them and ask your teacher to help you. Send those articles to a newspaper.

  • Content analysis

Learn to write the main ideas of the content. It can be done after reading the chapter. Then for each paragraph, make points and discuss them with your class-fellows or guide.

  • Practicing words and grammar

While doing exercises, there will be concepts of grammar. You must practice them, play, and design games according to the concepts. This will help you learn faster.


Do not skip a single activity mentioned in your book. This will only put you at risk. Some teachers and students think that the exercises at the last of the chapter are useless when they are the ones with concepts. Prepare beforehand.

You must revise your book twice before appearing in the examination. Therefore, you should plan a timetable.

You can Download 9th Class Urdu Full Book PDF English Medium From Above Download Link or pctb.punjab.gov.pk.

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