ICS Part 1 & Part 2 Class Subjects List In Pakistan

In This Article, You will be info about ICS Subjects Lists of part 1 and Part 2 also learn what you can do after ics And What Career options after Ics.

Intermediate is the combination of 11th and 12th grade, generally known as intermediate part 1 and part 2.  Till the last few decades, Pakistani students only had one option to pursue their intermediate higher secondary degree; those were Fsc pre-medical and Fsc pre-engineering.


Now, as the world has changed and there is cyberspace, produced by connecting different computers together. Launching another exclusive category for intermediate, which is often called ICS, is a shorter abbreviation of “Intermediate in Computer Sciences.”

Subjects of ICS part 1.

Subjects of ICS is not very different from the Fsc. However, there are a few choices. For example, ICS with statistics, physics, or economics. These three subjects are optional in ICS part 1. The following is the list of subjects of ICS part 1 in Pakistan.

  • Compulsory English part 1.
  • Compulsory Urdu part 1.
  • Compulsory Islamiat (the one for FSC).
  • Computer science book for part 1.
  • Mathematics part 1.
  • Physics part 1, statistics part 1, or economics part 1.

Subjects of ICS part 2.

The ICS part 2 subjects are all similar to the subjects of Fsc pre-engineering. The only difference is in the replacement of chemistry with a computer. Furthermore, if in ICS Part-1 the student has decided to continue with statistics or economics, then the physics will be replaced with one of these. The following are the subjects of ICS part 2.

  • Compulsory English part 2.
  • Compulsory Urdu part 2.
  • Compulsory Pak. Studies.
  • Mathematics for part 2.
  • Physics part 2,economics part 2, or statistics part 2.
  • Computer science part 2.

Who must choose ICS as an intermediate higher secondary certification in Pakistan?

If you think that every student must study ICS, you need to check if you are just considering the hype or it is actually worthwhile to indulge all the human resources in it.

Many people need to think that they are really into the computer or want to enjoy it as a facility? If you want to create something in the virtual world of a computer, then and only then join it. Being a guide, parent, student, or teacher, you must consider the following things before deciding to opt for ICS.

Creative people should choose ICS.

If you have an innovative mind, say you love to draw, sketch, and create new things that nobody has ever done. You are a problem solver; you can survive as a successful person in the computer science field.

Pakistan is a developing country; many international companies, will seek innovative minds who would create new stuff in the digital world and would finance such ideas. Many people think that a child who loves to draw should only opt for social sciences; what they do not consider is the capability to create, which is the most needed skill in the computer science field.

You want to help people.

This may sound very off the topic, but trust me, a computer scientist or a software engineer can create a lot of software for the general masses. You do not always go for the sociology or social work relevant sciences to help Pakistan’s masses. A game, software, or any application can be the best way to help people smartly. For example, somebody invented the online banking application to help the masses pay utility bills and send money in no time.

You love mathematics.

Without mathematics, you cannot be a successful student in ICS or not even in computer science. As a subject, the computer is a bit related to mathematics, especially the applied sciences. So, if you love addition, subtraction, variables, and functions can continue to study mathematics till your higher studies. To be a bit realistic, it is a tough combination for those who will not stay passionate. Well, just in case you feel discouraged, mathematics is the only subject that is the core of every science and, in fact, the code of the universe itself. So, leaving it is not an option when working in a virtual world in computer sciences.

You are a curious individual.

The new innovations in computer science and technology are leaving everybody intrigued. If you want to know how it works and amazes people with your work, choose the ICS in intermediate.

careers after choosing ICS

What are the careers after choosing ICS in Pakistan?

This is the main concern for everyone who chooses ICS in intermediate. Well, fasten your seat belt; there would be a pool of opportunities if you are ready to create and innovate. One thing that makes many of us doubt the new courses in ICS is unawareness. Being a developing state, we do not know the potential of new sciences, including computer sciences.

You can get the following career options on choosing ICS for higher secondary school certification.

Computer scientists.

You can be a computer scientist to create innovations in the computer’s virtual world. Many great companies want risky and affordable talent from developing countries can hire you as an employee or start an enterprise with your unique ideas.

Software engineering. 

Software engineers are one of the hottest careers currently. Many organizations, including both the private and public sector, need software engineers to maintain, create, and update bigger software.

Web developer.

Creating virtual spaces, markets, and service areas are now in demand. People can choose to become professional web developers; now, every company requires a virtual presence.

Network expert.

You can opt for telecommunication and be a network expert. In Pakistan, these professionals are needed in all the big telecom industries such as Ufone, Zong, jazz, etc.

Information technology expert.

You can also, opt to become an information technology expert. Not a single big renowned company can function without it. There are different posts for information technology experts in nearly every enterprise.


ICS in Pakistan is one of the emerging and innovative initiatives by the government; more than that, it is the need of the hour. Opting for ICS is wise if the learner is inclined to it and does not consider hype and trend. On the government’s part, we need to revise the curriculum according to the learners’ needs and spread awareness regarding ICS, which is quite low in Pakistan.


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