Matric Class Subjects List In Pakistan – (Science, Arts & Computer)

All you need to know about Matric in Pakistan: subjects, categories, and what can you do after matric Sci, computer science, and arts?

Secondary education is a life-changing point in a student’s life. That is why choosing the subject in Matric is important. Many students regret it when not chosen wisely; it is the turning point of your life. If you go for arts, you will have to stick with arts majors all your life; on the other hand, if you go with the science, then there is no way back. Matric Class Subjects List In Pakistan

All public and private schools are offering all the three categories; this article is all about Matric. It would help if you worked out a plan before you go for Matric. Unfortunately, both the students and their parents do not pay much heed to the matric issue, and they do not know how important it is. In Pakistan, most girls go for matric arts, which is fine, but many boys do not consider art an option for Matric.

9th class science subjects.

If you are going for Matric with science, so you must know which subjects you will study.

  • English compulsory Matric.
  • Urdu compulsory matric part 1.
  • Islamite compulsory.
  • Biology/computer science
  •  Physics 9th class.
  • Chemistry 9th class.
  • Science math 9th class.
  • Math science

9th class arts subjects.

  • English compulsory 9th class.
  • Education 9th class.
  • Civics 9th class.
  • General sciences.
  • General math’s.
  • Islamite.
  • Language.
  • Home economics.

10th class science subjects.

  • English compulsory 10th class.
  • Urdu compulsory 10th class.
  • Pakistan studies.
  • Biology/computer science.
  • Physics.
  • Chemistry.
  • Math science.

10th class arts subjects.

  • Urdu compulsory 10th grade.
  • General math 10th class.
  • General Science 10th class.
  • Civics 10th class.
  • Education 10th class.
  • Pakistan studies.
  • Language.
  • Home economics

Subjects for combined science.

  • Math.
  • Physics.
  • Clothing and textile.
  • Environmental science.
  • Agriculture.
  • Stats.
  • Economics.
  • Diet and nutrition.
  • Geography.
  • Poultry.
  • Physiology.
  • Physical Edu.

Subjects for combined arts.

  • Home economics.
  • Arts and designs.
  • History of Pakistan.
  • Geometrical and technical drawing.
  • Children’s growth and domestic life.
  • General Science.
  • General math.
  • Dress designing.

What can I do after Matric science?

What can I do after Matric science

Okay, this is the most opted category for Matric in Pakistan. People often take science only by thinking that they can become a doctor or an engineer.

Unfortunately, the masses do not know that there is a world beyond that too, a for each career, they do not really want to study science. The reason why most people opt for Matric in science is the possibility of a U-turn. You can opt for social sciences later after going for Matric with science.

Be a doctor.

If you go for Matric in science, so the first thing you would think is either becoming a doctor or an engineer. Those who match with biology can go for the MBBS later; otherwise, there is no way to do MBBS.

Sturdy medicine.

Suppose you are interested in studying the human body and the impacts of different things on the body. Then you must go for Matric with biology and chemistry. You can later o go for dentistry, doctor of physiotherapy, Doctor of Pharmacy, biotechnologist, genetic engineer, etc.

Become an engineer.

Engineering is a hot career in Pakistan. Mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering are the most famous ones. You need to go with math, physics, and chemistry.

What career can you choose with matric arts?

What career can you choose with matric arts

First, we would say that there is a wide horizon of opportunities for the art students more than the science students, this is a fact, and people, unfortunately, know nothing about it. The following are some renowned career opportunities you can avail of if you go with matric arts.

Become an artist.

So, becoming an artist is often thought useless in Pakistan. However, the world and the industries know how important it is. Graphic designers, textile designers, and sculptors are required in industries. For example, you cannot run a textile industry without a textile designer.

Become a writer/journalist.

If you want to explore the world, then you must start writing. It can become a very renowned and beneficial profession over time. You can do the BS English literature/Urdu literature/ mass communication.

Become a civil servant.

Join the bureaucracy of Pakistan after the Matric in arts; it would be easier for you than the students with Matric with science. You will understand these concepts way better than them, especially when you have studied civics and Pak studies.

Become a lawyer.

You can be a lawyer if you want to reform society; the social sciences such as philosophy, education, sociology, and literature can help you in this regard. Opt these subjects in FA and then go for LLB. If it is not enough for you, you still have two options left. First, you may appear in the exam for a judge or start a law firm with your colleagues.

What can I do after Matric with computer science?

What can I do after Matric with computer science

Choosing computer science requires you to stay updated throughout your course with the latest technology to ensure that you have those gadgets with you.

Become a computer engineer.

Computer engineering is one of the widening horizons of science, but the west has done a lot of research on it, and it is becoming a saturated work day by day. So, if you are ready to innovate something, then do go for it.

Become a software engineer.

A software engineer is also a person who can create new things; a creative mind should go for Matric with computer science to become a software engineer.

Become an IT or telecommunication expert.

Both these people are required to run a company safely for cybersecurity issues and digital data management.

Become a researcher or chartered accountant.

After studying the combination of computer science with statistics or economics, you can become either of these two. All you need to do is put extra effort into the understanding of the core subjects.

Become a banker.

Today banks need people who know how to use computers, so it would be a bonus for those students who have studied the computer sciences both in Matric and ICS.


Understanding the nature of the core subject when doing Matric is important for those who want to make a difference. The Pakistani government and educational boards offer three categories; each category is equally significant. It only depends on the student to perform well.

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